FunNature & AnimalWhat behaviors do dogs instinctively perform?

What behaviors do dogs instinctively perform?

The survival instinct and the hunting instinct awaken in dogs, regardless of the breed, a series of behaviors to be able to get out of danger or avoid hunger. Guarding, preparing a rest area or barking are some of them. We talk about all of them.

This behavior arises as part of the activation of the survival instinct. The animal protects its territory, the areas in which it and its pack are safe.

It is a more evident behavior in wild canids or in dogs that live in large spaces. The animal clearly takes advantage of the benefits that life in a group brings: the union of efforts makes it possible to better fulfill the hunting instinct and the subsequent obtaining of food. The grouping of individuals is also positive for the survival instinct in its defense aspect against possible aggressors.

It is a behavior clearly related to the survival instinct, not so much of the individual itself but as a fundamental part of the survival of the species itself. The male should not be taught to woo the female, nor should they be reminded of the fertile time, females will know how to take care of their cubs (in most cases). Survival of the species!

Barking is an instinctive reaction to surprise. Many will find little accurate the assessment made by my humble person before the bark. Of course, not all barks come as a surprise, but we must bear in mind that apart from the “instinctual” of barking (that is actually its original format), the dog is also capable of learning that through its use, it obtains benefits and this it is already the competence of learned behavior.

Biting is an innate behavior that arises from instinctive circumstances such as defense and hunting. The dog grabs its teeth and then shakes its head. This prevents their victim from attacking them back. The shaking of the head helps the teeth to sink in better and ensures that the death of its prey comes sooner.

On many occasions we have seen our dog perform this type of action during the game … It is normal! Both puppies and adults perform instinctive rituals during their moments of relaxation, in a playful and unconscious way. It’s not that our good friend wants to kill our teddy bear, he’s just playing.

Unfortunately, a trained animal can perform these actions for obscure purposes. The supposedly rational individuals who teach these terrible subjects to their unconscious students are harnessing and enhancing the innate survival and hunting instincts of their specimens. With the right doses of sticks, hunger and fear, you can make a fully balanced animal in the hands of a normal rational being, become a murderer in the hands of an unbalanced rational.

All of us who live with one or more dogs will have enjoyed the curious behavior of our friend before lying down: round and round, accompanied by a strange “kneading” of the cushion.

Why do they do it? It seems accepted that this behavior is an innate manifestation, due to the need of their ancestors to “manufacture” a resting place on grass, snow or on any type of terrain. The dog unconsciously seeks the best position to receive sounds and smells during rest.

Dogs cannot swim, they do something similar to running in water

Swimming is a consequence of survival instinct, of flight behavior. The act of swimming, in itself, is not an innate behavior.

No, I’m not crazy, the dog is not born knowing how to swim. There are breeds like the Newfoundland that show an almost obsessive tendency for the liquid element. Other breeds or specimens have a real aversion.

The fright that this new sensation causes in the animal causes an instinctive flight reaction but, luckily, the movement that the dog develops while running on solid ground is necessary and sufficient to get him out of that unknown situation and how bad feelings it causes. .

In breeds such as the Newfoundland, the interest in water makes them approach it with less fear. This absence of fear allows them not to consider the undesirable experience after meeting it, it will allow them to better adapt to an attractive environment from the first moment. We could conclude this point by saying that all dogs are capable of “running in water”.

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