FunWhat is cassava?

What is cassava?

Yucca – Manihot esculenta – is a shrubby , perennial plant, native to South and Central America , which can reach 5 meters in height and can adapt to a wide range of soils, especially those with a good amount of organic matter. The approximately 160 species of the genus Manihot develop optimally between 24 and 28 ºC, in areas where annual rainfall ranges between 800 and 2,000 mm. Although it is believed that cassava was probably first cultivated by the Mayans in the Yucatan peninsula, today there are also huge plantations in Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Jamaica or West Africa. Its root, called cassava , has been for centuries the main food of the South American autochthonous populations, who consumed it in the form of cake or used it as flour. From it it is also possible to obtain a type of alcoholic beverage. Tapioca is extracted from cassava starch, a very light and nutritious food that is used in Europe and North America in the preparation of dietary foods.

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