FunWhat is dry eye?

What is dry eye?

Very frequent pathology in ophthalmology consultation, xerophthalmia or dry eye consists of a decrease in some of the components of the tear film of the eye , generally the watery part.

The symptoms of this decrease in the secretion of tears are specified in a sensation of dryness or of having grit in the eye, itching and stinging. In the most severe cases, xerophthalmia causes pain, an inability to keep the eyes open, and damage to the cornea, all of which can affect visual acuity.

The treatment of this disease, which appears more frequently in postmenopausal women and the elderly , consists of the application of lubricating preparations and ointments that mimic tears. Another alternative are inserts , cellulose cylinders that are placed at the bottom of the lacrimal sac and release a lubricant or a substance that stimulates the lacrimal gland.

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