FunWhat is Gaia theory?

What is Gaia theory?

In 1969, the British researcher James Lovelock presented the Gaia hypothesis to the world, which stated that the planet is a living being that creates its own habitat. The idea was so far-fetched that it found no echo in the scientific community because it contradicted theories as proven as Darwin's. Lovelock defined Gaia as "a complex entity that involves the biosphere, atmosphere, oceans and land, constituting in its entirety a feedback system that seeks an optimal physical and chemical environment for life on the planet."

Lovelock affirmed the existence of a system of control of the temperature, atmospheric composition and oceanic salinity because the global temperature of the Earth has remained constant in spite of the energy provided by the Sun; the atmospheric composition remains constant, as does the salinity of the oceans. For him, the real threat consists of altering the areas where the primary circuits of planetary control reside, that is, the belt of tropical forests and continental shelves.

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