FunWhat is the minimum number of genes that the...

What is the minimum number of genes that the simplest creature has?

We do not know, but it is a subject in which an intense investigation is being developed. In fact, Craig Venter, former director of Celera (a company that managed to complete the sequence of the human genome), has the project of creating a living organism in the laboratory. To do this, Venter aims to identify the smallest number of genes that allow the existence of an organism capable of growing and reproducing autonomously. The answer is found in bacteria such as Buchnera aphidicola , related to the well-known Escherichia coli bacterium, common in the human intestine, but which has undergone an evolution due to the reduction of its genetic material, reaching a genomic size almost eight times smaller than that of E. coli. . It is one of the smallest known genomic bacteria.

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