FunWhat is the rarest bird in Spain?

What is the rarest bird in Spain?

Without a doubt, the most enigmatic bird in the Spanish fauna is the Andalusian torillo ( Turnix sylvatica sylvatica ). Due to its shyness, this bird is very difficult to observe, although not to hear. During twilight, it emits a characteristic truuuu , reminiscent of a distant moo. Hence its bullfighting nickname.

The torillo, which measures between 15 and 17 centimeters, lives in very leafy areas of palm hearts, where it develops with amazing skill. In case of danger, it zigzags away at high speed and only takes flight in extreme cases to quickly return to the canopy.

In the last two decades, no Spanish scientist has managed to study a living specimen of this species, which is also known as the Moorish quail. Fortunately, last September Andalusian biologists found a colony of this bird in northern Morocco, which has given back hope of finding it in its traditional breeding area, the southernmost part of Andalusia.

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