FunWhat living being is the greatest?

What living being is the greatest?

The blue whale, some will say; the sequoia, a tree that grows in North America and through whose trunk they made tunnels for cars to pass. Well no. We regret to inform you that the largest living thing in the world is something seemingly as despicable as a mushroom . In particular there is a huge one that forms structures that stretch for miles in all directions and kills large trees. It's called Amillaria ostoyae , commonly known as honey mold. If we think about it coldly, it is somewhat scary to think of a fungus that can cover an area equivalent to 1,600 football fields . And since we are talking about enormities, inside animals and people we can sometimes meet certain parasitic creatures that steal food from our entrails or eat dinner with our blood. These parasites are usually tiny in size, visible only with the help of a microscope. However, some can grow, and a lot. The king of these parasites is the tapeworm, which can easily reach 7 and a half meters in length!

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