FunWhy do we get more constipation in winter?

Why do we get more constipation in winter?

There is no specific reason that explains why we suffer more colds and flu during the winter season. Rhinoviruses, which are responsible for almost half of constipation, proliferate better at 32ºC than at -37ºC, normal body temperature. However, the nasal mucosa is, both in summer and winter, at 32 ºC. An environment, therefore, ideal for viruses.

But why do we get more colds in cold weather? Some experts believe that it is an aeration problem. For obvious reasons, ventilation in enclosed spaces is poorer in winter, which facilitates viral transmission.

On the other hand, it is known that ultraviolet (UV) radiation destroys rhinoviruses . In the winter period, the number of hours of sunshine is much less. This circumstance increases the probability that virus strains escape from UV. Finally, the incidence of colds increases in early fall and after Christmas, the dates when students return to class.

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