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Why does my cell phone get hot? 🔥 So you can avoid it

Just as people get exhausted from overthinking or doing physical activities, something similar happens with phones. Mobile devices can overheat with use, causing your phone to slow down or even lock up completely until the temperature drops.

There are two things that cause your device to heat up: the processor and the battery. In the case of the former, the overheating of the phone is usually triggered because in order to process something, electricity has to pass through the device. The more difficult the process, the more electricity it will need and the more heat it will generate. However, it can also occur due to environmental factors.

We share with you what are the most common causes for your phone to heat up and some tips on how to solve it:

Why is your phone overheating?

  1. Games:

    Can you imagine asking your phone to process a video game that you could play on a computer or larger device? While it is possible to do this as devices become more modern and capable, doing this in such a small device means there is less room for cooling for the processor, so it is likely to heat up after about half an hour. of game.

  2. Videos:

    Something similar happens with video games with videos. However, additionally, one of the biggest mistakes made is charging the device while consuming this content. You’re not only taxing the processor, but also the battery, so it’s likely to overheat even faster than gaming.

  3. Too many apps simultaneously:

    If you want to play in your favorite app while you have the browser open, your whatsapp chats and at the same time talking on the phone, your phone is going to go crazy. Having many apps open at the same time causes the processor to overload. For this reason, it is important to close well the apps that you are not using.

  4. Environmental factors:

    If you are at the beach or in a very hot place, your phone can also get overheated from this. Normally you will see an ad indicating that you have to lower the temperature of your phone. This can be avoided by putting your phone in the shade or in a cooler place. On the other hand, if you have a cover, it is advisable to remove it because it generates more heat.

How to lower the temperature of the cell phone?

In addition to the tips that we mentioned in the previous section, we recommend that you complement them with the following:

  1. Use silicone covers
  2. Put your phone in front of a fan
  3. Use original and good quality cables to charge your phone
  4. Lower the brightness of your screen
  5. Turn off wifi or bluetooth if you don’t need it

Apps to monitor temperature

  1. : The app tells you how much charge the battery has, its temperature and an approximate how long the charge will last. In addition, a plus of this app is that it can send notifications when the temperature of the phone exceeds certain degrees that can harm it. Available for iOS.
  2. This app, available for Android, monitors and gives you all the information about the temperature of your processor.
  3. This app not only shows you the battery temperature; You can also send notifications when you go up grades and measure screen time. Available for Android.

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