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Why does my parrot scream? Reasons why you usually scream

Parrots present four basic types of vocalizations: cries of fear, cries due to imprinting, cries on reaching sexual maturity, cries for no apparent cause.

The fear

The screams of fear are due to some stimulus that makes the animal uncomfortable and it is not always able to diagnose what that stimulus is. On the occasions that we find out the cause, the solution is as simple as avoiding it.

Parrots can be afraid of a new toy, of an unknown person …

The imprint

The cries emitted by animals that have been raised by hand (heavily imprinted) make them feel the center of attention. They do not know how to play and entertain themselves and demand the presence of their human friends. If they are ignored, they scream incessantly.

Upon reaching sexual maturity

This type of screaming is really annoying and intense. It is generally a temporary situation that disappears when hormonal normality is restored.

Without reason

When we do not have the remotest idea of the cause of the animal’s cries, we may be facing a problem that is difficult to solve. There are cases in which the origin is due to central nervous system injuries or serious behavioral problems.

You can take him to a quiet area and reward him when he’s quiet

In any of the aforementioned cases, there are guidelines to follow, what we must and what we must not do:

YES. We will confirm with the help of the veterinarian that the animal does not suffer from any physical problem, a pathology that causes vocalization.
NOT. We will yell at the animal. The bird may think that we are “playing” and this attitude of screaming back reinforces the unwanted behavior.

YES. We will use the word “NO!” if the animal knows its meaning; If we can’t get him to shut up with the voice of order, we won’t keep trying; we would indulge in the “game” and reinforcement of inappropriate behavior.
NOT. We will use physical punishment.

YES. We must ignore the screams. For this we can help us transfer the animal to aquiet zonefrom the house or move it to a cage without toys, without feeders and with a single handle. The action consists of separating the animal.
NOT. Making loud noises near the cage, shaking it or any other inappropriate action in order to solve the problem … We will most likely succeedaggravate the situation.

YES. We will reward the animal when it is quiet.
NOT. We will not move the animal to a dark room or cover the cage with a cloth; This inadequate method usually causes the animal to scream more seeking the attention of the group.

YES. We will take care to provide enough moments of contact to the animal, our presence, the offering of games, the “classes” to learn words and sounds, put music, television … it helps a lot that the animal does not present these behaviors
NOT. We will never heed the recommendations of “so-called specialists”, people whose only professional qualification is having ever had a bird.

YES. We will go to the veterinarian to mark the guidelines for action in each case after theexact diagnosis of the problem.

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