FunWhy does the misfortune of others produce morbidity?

Why does the misfortune of others produce morbidity?

The misfortune of the other reminds us that we live on the border between life and death , which represents a vitalizing impulse. This is the reason that psychologists give to explain why human beings show so much interest in tragic matters. And, what happens to the other is always related to oneself.

The problem is in the appropriate dose of morbidity that allows healthy coexistence. Using it as a claim is not only insane, but unethical; turning a perverse and disturbing reality into informative entertainment to gain an audience and, as a consequence, higher advertising revenue is a resource that shows the lack of development and immaturity that many modern societies reflect.

It is ironic that the word "morbidity" is defined in the RAE as the "set of pathological cases that characterize the health status of a country". The worst thing is that these "pathological or morbid cases" are not the result of reality, but a fictitious recreation of it that the mass media, for a purely commercial issue, use as a substitute for cultural disciplines, which have always defined the progress of the human being: cinema, literature, art …

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