LivingWhy don't skaters lose their skateboard when jumping?

Why don't skaters lose their skateboard when jumping?

Skateboarders call the different jumps and pirouettes they perform with their boards ollies. To understand why these athletes keep their skateboard glued to their feet, it is best to give an example. Suppose you want to jump on a bar located at a certain height above the ground. To do this, after taking a run, the skater places, almost transversely, one foot at the back of the skate, and then the other in the middle or front of it. When he thinks he has reached the ideal speed to perform the pirouette, he slightly flexes his knees and rises upwards, leaning strongly on the foot placed transversely behind. This causes the back of the skateboard to hit the ground and shoot upwards, since at that moment there is no weight on the skate, since the athlete has already jumped and is in the air.

At the same time, the front foot acts as a rudder, leveling the skate and preventing it from rising above the body. The secret to correctly performing the pirouettes lies in simultaneously hitting the board with the jump , in such a way that it does not encounter the weight of the athlete's body in its ascent. In this way and when the technique is mastered, exercises that are as spectacular as they are unimaginable are performed.

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