FunWhy is it that helium balloons deflate quickly?

Why is it that helium balloons deflate quickly?

Certainly, helium-inflated balloons deflate quickly and in less than 24 hours their appearance is quite flaccid. This is not a scam on the part of the seller, but a physical phenomenon. In addition to being very light, helium is a monatomic gas , that is, all its particles are made up of a single atom. It is for this reason that helium is made of the tiniest gaseous particles that can be conceived. Indeed, their atoms have a diameter of 0.1 nanometer (0.00000.0001 cm), which allows them even to diffuse through metal films. The balloons are made of viscoelastic materials, whose atomic structure is reminiscent of a spaghetti plate full of microporosities. When the balloon inflates, the helium atoms escape more easily through them.

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