FunWhy is the retina detached?

Why is the retina detached?

If you suddenly seem to see a shower of flashes, you have the sensation of looking through a curtain and suffer from myodesopsia, that is, you see a -species of floaters-, it is most likely that your retina has detached, something What happens more often to older people who have become myopic.

This pathology appears as a consequence of a progressive bulging of the retina -a curved and thin membrane like a cigarette paper that is found at the bottom of the eye-, which causes it to roll up and end up detaching. Retinal rupture may also be due to other factors that are still little known, such as decreased adherence between the neuroretin and the pigment epithelium -two layers of the retina- and the subsequent detachment of the vitreous humor, the fluid between the lens and the the retina. Given this, you should go to the ophthalmologist without delay , since its early treatment with a laser beam is very effective.

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