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Why We Should Care For Dog Pads – Pads Don't Crack Quickly

With the cold we must bear in mind that the care of the dogs is different from that of the other seasons. One of the most important aspects, which should not be overlooked, are the cracks that occur in the pads or cushions of the furry feet due to freezing temperatures.

Although cracks, as a general rule, are related to lower temperatures, they can also appear as a result of an injury or be a serious disease such as leishmaniasis.

The good condition of the pads is key, as they have the function of protecting the legs of our dog . These cushions help them keep their balance, support their weight, as well as cushion shocks when running and walking, avoiding possible injuries.

Cold cracks

The pads are one of the most sensitive parts of dogs . By being in direct contact with the surface, they become an area of special care and protection for our furry dogs, especially in the case of puppies.

In winter, just as people’s hands get chapped and their skin drier, dogs also suffer the consequences of hostile temperatures. The most affected part is their pads, as a result of the dry weather, which can lead to severe pain if they are not treated correctly.

How to toughen dog pads

As they say, prevention is better than cure. Hardening the pads is essential to avoid certain problems.

One of the main methods of preventing foot cushion injuries is to alternate the footing surfaces . In this way, it is recommended to take walks that combine garden areas with asphalt, sandy or rocky areas. What is achieved is that the pads get used to different areas of tread. Although it is advisable to carry out this alternation throughout the year, it is very important in summer and winter , since the pads suffer more from weather factors. In addition, the area where they are going to step should be inspected. That it is free of harmful elements such as crystals or sharp components is crucial. Once the walk is finished, it is important to check the pads of the furry animals to verify that they do not have wounds or sores.

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