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Why you should prevent your dog from smelling other people's poop

You go out for a walk with your dog and, even if you are a civic citizen and pick up his poop, you come across a lot of dog feces along the way. In addition to being a very disrespectful act, not picking up the dog's feces can lead to the transmission of diseases . Surprised?

As the announcer and comedian Iván Cortés points out, if a dog smells, licks or ingests the feces of a dog infested with roundworms, it could also be infected. The reason is that the sick dog expels the eggs of these parasites through its poop, which can end up in the body of your dog that was quietly passing by and found "the gift". This is only one of the dangers that the park can hide and to which we must pay attention.

As always, we never tire of remembering that all dog owners must pick up the poop from our pets . It's our responsibility and best of all, it really doesn't cost anything.

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