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Willi Herren: Before his death – his wife Jasmin spoke of baby plans

Willi Herren’s death shocked Mrs. Jasmin. The couple apparently wanted another child before the split.

NRW – The former actor and Ballermann singer Willi Herren († 45) should find his last rest through his funeral in Cologne *. But currently there is a dispute between his wife Jasmin and his daughter Alessia. The spouse even spoke of another baby before, reports RUHR24 *.

actor Willi gentlemen
Born June 17, 1975, in Cologne
Died April 20, 2021, in Mülheim, Cologne
Spouse Jasmin Herren (married 2018-2021)

Willi Herren: Scandal after the funeral between Mrs. Jasmin and daughter Alessia

These are difficult times for Jasmin Herren (42). The reality star not only had to say goodbye to both her husband and her dog within a very short time, but also had an argument with her daughter. The reason for the argument with Alessia was her appearance after the funeral of Willi Herren * and the declaration of love on the wreath of flowers.

The prominent widow was absent from the official ceremony, and one day later she laid a wreath with the words “I love you! Your wife Jasmin. Forever, every second, in my heart and in my soul. E Levve long “down on his grave. Shortly afterwards, as reported by the Bild newspaper, their daughter removed this arrangement because she considered the appearance “a totally staged number”, as she explained shortly afterwards on Instagram. In March 2021, Willi Herren and his spouse separated.

According to her daughter, the reason for this should have been the wife Jasmin Herren herself, who is said to have given her prominent husband the choice between her and the children. The situation looked very different in 2019. The celebrity lady even announced on Instagram that the couple wanted more offspring.

Jasmin Herren: Willi Herren’s wife revealed – the couple apparently wanted another child

When asked “Are you already pregnant”, Jasmin Herren was confident. “Well, I’m not pregnant yet, but we’re working on it. You never know and at some point the time will come. You will find out when we are absolutely sure. “

From today’s perspective, her statement on Instagram at the time, whether Willi Herren was her dream man, also seems surprising. “Willi is definitely my dream man. We used to be together when we were younger and we have never forgotten each other. And if you never forget each other and meet again and fall in love again, then that’s the right thing to do. “

Schauspieler Willi Herren


Willi Herren died unexpectedly in April.

The couple’s love happiness should then have been crowned with another child. But instead everything turned out differently. Shortly after his death, then also Willi Herren’s Food Truck in Cologne burned down. * In addition, even an alleged mistress reported the singer Ballermann against to speak. “It wasn’t love or anything, it was just an affair,” the secret woman describes the relationship between the two. Nevertheless, she was shocked by the death of Willi Herren.

Video: Willi Herren has died – daughter Alessia saying goodbye with emotional words

The former actor in the series “Lindenstrasse” died surprisingly on April 20th in Cologne-Mülheim. In addition to his daughter Alessia, he also leaves a son. The siblings said they had organized the funeral and funeral themselves, as Alessia Herren announced on Instagram. To do this, like her brother, she said goodbye to her father with emotional words. * RUHR24 is part of the IPPEN.MEDIA editorial network.

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