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Willi Herren: The last recordings before his death – TV reportage raises questions

Willi Herren is happy and exuberant – and looks proud of his new heart project. A TV report shows the last few days before the actor’s sudden death.

Cologne – A report from the TV station Kabel Eins is currently attracting special attention. The pictures show a bright and happy man making his dream come true. These are the last pictures of actor and pop singer Willi Herren († 45) – just a few days before his death, reports RUHR24 *.

actor Willi gentlemen
Born June 17, 1975, in Cologne
Died April 20, 2021, in Cologne-Mülheim
Spouse Jasmin Herren (married 2018-2021)

Willi Herren: TV team accompanied the actor a few days before his death

A camera team from the program “K1 Magazin” (Kabel Eins) accompanied the 45-year-old for six months, from the idea of his food truck to the opening. “I’m as happy as a little child,” Willi explained as he stood in front of his finished food truck. The food truck should become a firm mainstay for the actor (all news about celebrities from NRW * at RUHR24).

Because due to the corona pandemic *, the pop singer also lacked appearances and therefore also lacked income. But potato pancakes, everyone likes them, Willi thought to himself. Together with wife Jasmin and business partners Desiree Hansen-Schmitz and husband Jörg, they invested in the small truck.

Willi Herren: Happiness and anticipation for his food truck – the singer died just a few days later

When Willi picked up the food truck with Denise, the actor was speechless. “I am seldom speechless, but I am speechless now. I hope we’ll get the second next year, ”Willi was sure at the time. Then we went to test cooking potato pancakes with professional chef Stefan Opgen Rhein and to go shopping – after all, the opening on April 16 was shortly before that.

Trauerfeier für Schauspieler Willi Herren


Willi Herren was buried on Wednesday (May 5th) in a cemetery in Cologne.

“Somehow it’s a mixture of excitement and joy, because we don’t know what to expect.” But for Willi Herren it turned out even better than he had previously expected. On the opening day, not only customers, but also many journalists and prominent friends were waiting for the 45-year-old. Very touched, Willi made it clear that “Willi Herrens Rievkoochebud” was his lifelong dream.

Willi Herren: The last shots before his death show a happy actor

No wonder then that the entertainer stood behind the stove and prepared some potato pancakes. “As great as the stress is, Willi is in a good mood. He can’t be broken, the boy, ”said professional chef Stefan Opgen Rhein, explaining the scene. A total of 100 potato pancakes were sold in four hours. “If that were the case every day, then I would soon be debt free. Now I’m happy and done, ”said the happy actor, visibly exhausted after the hard day.

Probably nobody would have thought that this would be the actor’s last public appearance. Willi Herren died on April 20 in his apartment in Cologne *. The preliminary autopsy report rules out third-party negligence. A shock for his friends and business partners Desiree and Jörg. “He never let himself be brought down by anyone. He fell, got up, fell, got up. He would never have given up, never in his whole life. He would have continued to run the food truck with full strength and passion and energy. We would have brought the thing up, ”reports .

Death of Willi Herren: New potato fritters food truck planned by business partners

Only a few days later the next shock. For reasons that have not yet been clarified, the food truck burned down completely in the night of May 2nd to 3rd in a parking lot in Frechen. But the couple do not want to give up and have now announced how the “Willi Herrens Rievkoochebud” should continue: They will buy a new truck and set it up like Willi Herren’s old food truck. “Willi was a fighter and we continue to fight for Willi,” the couple announced on Instagram. * RUHR24 is part of the IPPEN.MEDIA editorial network.

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