NewsZervakis and Opdenhövel between Afghanistan and beer

Zervakis and Opdenhövel between Afghanistan and beer

News formats are currently in on the private TV channels. The latest example can be seen on ProSieben.

[Unterföhring -] News formats are all the rage. Private TV stations have numerous new programs in their programs, including RTL. Now ProSieben presented a two-hour live journal for the first time on Monday evening, with ex “Tagesschau” spokeswoman Linda Zervakis and presenter Matthias Opdenhövel.

It’s a mix of political and social issues, a balancing act between seriousness and fun. And musician James Blunt sang along with it.

The program “Zervakis & Opdenhövel” in a studio with a seating area and a few studio viewers started highly politically. The moderators put an important topic on the agenda: Afghanistan.

The first guest on the show, which can be seen every Monday at 8:15 p.m., was the Afghan pop star Aryana Sayeed. The musician reported on her escape from Afghanistan in August. She talked about the Taliban seeing women as enemies. Now you are back to the point you were twenty years ago, she complained. Because she was aiming for a career as a singer, she too received threats from the Islamists.

Another well-chosen and relevant topic in the second half: the flood disaster in West Germany. A couple who lost everything was presented in a video clip and was then also a guest on the show in Unterföhring near Munich on the premises of the TV broadcasting group ProSiebenSat.1.

ProSieben has chosen a program time in which there is competition with political talks. Das Erste broadcasts his talk show “Hart aber Fair” with Frank Plasberg during the time. The new TV broadcaster Bild of the tabloid brand of the same name wants to present a talk about the excitement topics of the day at least until the federal election during the week.

The journal at ProSieben, however, has a broader focus. Musician James Blunt chats with the moderators about beer and Brexit. Opdenhövel and Blunt then have a beer mug peening competition. During this time, Zervakis reads audience questions to Blunt, which they enter via an app. Opdenhövel then asks the musician: “How long have you lived in Germany?”. Blunt replies: “No.”

In between there are advertising blocks. Top politicians can also be seen in the program. Films show FDP politician Wolfgang Kubicki and Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) driving around in taxis, answering questions from voters about the federal election. A kind of speed dating format. Then stop at the currywurst stand. Kubicki (69) gets out of the taxi a little awkwardly and says: “I used to have fun when my mother – like her – got out of the car. And now I’m getting off the same way. “

At the end of the program there is this farewell greeting from Opdenhövel: “And remember: Tomorrow is already Tuesday.”

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