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24 Symbols, the Spotify of books

24symbols 24 Symbols is an online platform created in Spain that allows free access to digital books in “the cloud” . The newly released beta version of 24 Symbols , dubbed the ” Spotify of books,” offers a Freemium model that allows you to read for free in exchange for advertising . And as of June 30, the Premium model will be available, with advanced functionalities and offline reading. The Premium version will have three different payment plans: 9.99 euros for a month, 19.99 euros for 3 months and 59.99 euros for a year.

At the moment, the electronic book platform has around 500 titles from the Gutenberg Project and the Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library , although 2,000 new works are committed and will be published shortly. Users can access the service from any device with a browser and Internet connection, although specific applications for iPad, iPhone and Android devices are expected to be available starting in the summer.

“Because we want to make reading easier for everyone; because reading makes us free; because we believe in a model where readers, publishers and advertisers win,” argue their promoters, who explain that it is not only free for the reader, but also a source of income for the publisher (through advertising and subscriptions) and, for the authors’ peace of mind, avoids the possibility of illegal copying.

In addition, with 24 Symbols, reading becomes more social , since it allows us to share our favorite quotes on the main social networks and learn about the books preferred by our friends and contacts.

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