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The huge iceberg A68a has dumped 1 billion tons of fresh water into the ocean

A study has revealed this data from when the iceberg passed through South Georgia last year.

The eruption in Tonga had a force of 10 megatons

This is the figure estimated by the US space agency, NASA, after the brutal eruption of the underwater volcano.

This ferret clone is the only hope for the survival of its species

Elizabeth Ann was born in December 2020 and this spring it will be known if she is capable of reproducing successfully and saving the species.

Unmissable places on Earth

Crystal clear waters teeming with life, the deepest marine area, the highest mountain... discover this fantastic selection.

Humanity has already exceeded the planetary limit of pollutants

A new study exposes that humanity is releasing more chemical and plastic pollution into the environment than the Earth can handle.


Dante Alighieri, a constant traveler

His life was a constant journey, an unfinished journey with his longing for the paradox of the city he loved and hated at the same time, Florence.

Chronicles of the Boys of Usme: A Satellite Named Javier

El Espectador publishes a series of stories by boys from one of the towns in Bogotá most affected by exclusion and the national strike.

The Two Impostors (Saturday Afternoon Tales)

On the end of the year holidays I traveled to the United States to visit a friend. Before the trip I organized an itinerary because I needed to buy time.

Denígrame y Asociados (Saturday afternoon stories)

My heart palpitations accelerate and I feel a flock of ice beetles crashing against the walls of my stomach.

The photo of that sunset (Tales of Saturday afternoon)

It was August 23 the day you jumped into the water from that bridge.


"Maybrit Illner" (ZDF): Karl Lauterbach is put through the wringer

The topic of Corona continues to dominate the talk shows. Maybrit Illner talks to her guests in the ZDF talk about compulsory vaccination and the new test strategy.

"Monobloc" in the cinema: From a single source

Hauke Wendler has dedicated a documentary film to the most popular and at the same time least popular piece of furniture in the world: "Monobloc".

César Film Awards: historical film and rock opera as favorites

Adam Driver is considered the favorite for a César for Best Actor. But nothing has been decided yet.

Emotional award ceremony at the Max Ophüls Film Festival

Tears flowed, there was cheering, there was speechlessness: Although the award ceremony at the 43rd Max Ophüls Prize Film Festival only took place online because of the corona virus, it was still emotional.

Gabriela Sperl is awarded

Gabriela Sperl is to be honored for her life's work. The presentation of the prize, which is endowed with 40,000 euros, is planned for May.


“Nomadland” in the cinema: The truth is the better realism

Chloé Zhao's masterful social panorama “Nomadland” with Frances McDormand is finally coming to the cinema.

"The Azerbaijan Connection" (ARD): Purchased MPs from the Bundestag

An ARD report shows how German parliamentarians let Azerbaijan buy them.

Mel Brooks turns 95: making films and laughing as rebellion

Evil, but rarely sarcastic: The great comedian and filmmaker Mel Brooks on his 95th birthday.

“Luca” in the cinema: love, bread and sea monsters

The new Pixar film "Luca", which can be seen on Disney Plus, is an Italian summer fairy tale.

Shimmering like a pile of broken glass

Steven Soderbergh's lustfully absurd thriller “No Sudden Move” is a celebration of failed expectations