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How would a global nuclear war affect the air we breathe?

A world nuclear war would leave an average loss of the ozone layer of 75% over the course of 15 years. One at the regional level would end 25% in 12.

Our early solar system had a gap between the inner and outer zone

This gap would go back to when it was just a swirling mass of gas and dust. Today it has many millions of kilometers.

Smell alerts us to danger before sight and hearing

We react earlier to an unpleasant smell. The nerves that detect odors begin to process those that are negative the moment we detect them.

Evidence of persistent water vapor found on the moon Europa

The Hubble Space Telescope has confirmed this fact in one of the hemispheres of Jupiter's moon.

The ancestors of the primates came down from the trees to survive the impact of the asteroid

The famous asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs also endangered the way of life of the early ancestors of primates and marsupials.

A large solar flare hit Earth this week

The coronal mass ejection traveled at 983 kilometers per second. Did it have any effect on Earth?

Capture a beautiful image of two interacting galaxies

A heart-stopping cosmic collision thanks to data from Hubble and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, among others.

Giant sea scorpion remains found in China

It is a new genus and species of previously unknown sea scorpion.

Electronic waste accumulated in 2021 weighs more than the Great Wall of China

We are talking about 57.4 million tons of debris, which is a mass greater than that of the heaviest artificial object on Earth.

They discover a planet orbiting a dead star

The Jupiter-sized planet has been located 6,500 light-years distant from Earth and could mark the future of our own solar system.

Venus had no oceans nor was it habitable

A study published in 'Nature' proposes an alternative scenario to the more accepted hypothesis that Venus had a large ocean of liquid water. The past of Earth's 'infernal twin' remains unknown.

How to increase the speed of the WiFi connection

The WiFi connection can fail for many different reasons, although the most common are usually two: the presence of walls and corners that can weaken the signal as much as possible, and choosing a place of installation / placement that is not recommended, especially if our house is particularly big.

Xiaomi will repair their mobile phones at home in quarantine

The Chinese manufacturer has announced that Spanish consumers can now enjoy a technical service for their smartphones 'door to door'.

Algae-inspired chips

Would it be possible to make the chips for our computers and electronic devices faster and more efficiently? According to an American biochemist, the key to achieving this is in the hands of tiny algae called diatoms.

Set sail Malaspina 2010, the largest expedition in history on global change in the ocean

The Hespérides ship has left Cádiz giving the starting signal to the Malaspina 2010 expedition, an interdisciplinary project led by the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) to assess the impact of global change on the ocean and study its biodiversity.

The most detailed image of Messier 106

We are sure that you will be speechless when you see this new image of this spiral galaxy.

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They enlarge the brain of monkeys with the help of a human gene

Scientists could have replicated the time in history when humans and primates evolutionarily separated.

The mystery of repetitive radio signals hitting the Earth

They last only a few milliseconds and are believed to originate billions of light-years away. But its precise source is unknown.

What is the best smart assistant?

In this video we present three smart assistant devices that were presented in June 2019.

Climate change could affect human fertility

A new study is published that analyzes another of the economic and social consequences of climate change: how many children will we have in the future?

Huawei does 'magic' with the new P30

We have reviewed Huawei's new P30, and compared it to its latest releases, P20 Pro and Mate20. What innovations does the new model introduce?

They discover a 'river of ice' in Canada

A team of Canadian scientists has made a surprising find: a permanent spring that flows year-round despite being located in the high Arctic of Canada.