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How are lightning created?

Summer is synonymous with sun, but also with storms. Who has not contemplated one from the protection that the home gives that electrical display that is lightning?

Valtteri Bottas present at KIO THINK & TRANSFORM 2022

Driver Valtteri Bottas and his team manager at Alfa Romeo F1® Team ORLEN, Alessandro Alunni Bravi shared the importance of digital acceleration in Formula 1.

Sex education is no longer seen at school, but on Tik Tok

In social networks, minors are solving their doubts about sexuality. This can bring multiple benefits and risks. We explain what they are and how to find the right content.

How global warming will affect astronomy

Astronomical observations around the world will worsen in quality as a result of climate change, according to a new study.

New images of Saturn's rings in stunning detail

New images of Saturn's rings in stunning detail

Review: Call of Duty Modern Warfare II; the title made for the fans

Activision presented the new version of one of the most endearing stories of its Modern Warfare saga. Is it redeemed after the criticism of Vanguard?

NASA discovers more than 50 areas that emit exorbitant levels of greenhouse gases

NASA's 'EMIT' spectrometer locates has targeted Central Asia, the Middle East and the US among others.

LAST MINUTE: Elon Musk is already the owner of Twitter

The purchase of the social network by the billionaire was finalized today for the price agreed at the beginning, 44,000 million dollars.

The iPhone saves Apple's revenue, but not enough to completely rid the crisis

Despite having lower sales of its products and services, the company managed to have satisfactory results.

Prime Day does not save Amazon and reports only 15% growth

The big tech companies are disappointing shareholders and Wall Street's response is to stop betting on them.

Goodbye to “irregular import” cell phones: ZTE will block them in Mexico

The company explained that it will send a message to the smartphones from which it "does not recognize" its import.

What is an SSD drive, advantages and how to choose the best one

An SSD storage drive offers many possibilities, especially when we change our traditional HDD hard drive. We discover what it consists of, how to choose it and what advantages it offers.

Chasing the sunset

Three young people travel from Istanbul (Turkey) to Essaouira (Morocco), traveling more than 4,000 kilometers. The objective? Chase the most beautiful sunsets. Baptized as the Bacardi Freedom Route, this trip not only seeks to promote friendship, optimism or perseverance, but is also seasoned with high doses of adventure.

Neanderthals among us?

Neanderthals could still be among us, at least in our DNA. A genetic analysis of 1,983 subjects spread across Africa, Asia, Europe, America and Oceania reveals that extinct hominid species such as Homo neanderthalensis and Homo heidelbergensis interbred with our ancestors at least twice.

Enceladus could still harbor extraterrestrial life

Enceladus' underground ocean is rich in phosphorus, a new study suggests. One of Saturn's largest and brightest moons has long been one of our top targets in the search for life.

The number of Internet users, about to exceed 2 billion worldwide

The number of Internet users will exceed 2 billion this year, reaching almost a third of the world's population (6.9 billion). However, developing countries need to increase access to this vital tool for economic growth.

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The presence of phosphane on Venus could be a measurement error

New conclusions suggest that the detection of phosphane, a molecule associated with the presence of microbial life, could have been a failure in the calculations. Have we rushed?

Fish do have a good memory

The idea that fish have a poor memory is false, Australian research results show."In the last 15 years there...

How do hearing aids work?

These devices amplify ambient sound and allow people with hearing loss (whether mild or severe) to better hear the sounds around them.

New clues about the origin of the radioactive cloud that covered Europe in 2017

No government has assumed responsibility for this leak, but the latest research points to a civilian origin that would not be related to the development of nuclear weapons.

The brain can 'see' what is around the corner

A study finds that the human brain is able to predict what our eyes will see before we see it.

How to record the screen on an iPhone

Like, sometimes, we may need to take a screenshot on our iPhone to save a message on social networks or memorable news, it is also possible to make a recording of the screen. We explain how you can do it.