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How are lightning created?

Summer is synonymous with sun, but also with storms. Who has not contemplated one from the protection that the home gives that electrical display that is lightning?

Valtteri Bottas present at KIO THINK & TRANSFORM 2022

Driver Valtteri Bottas and his team manager at Alfa Romeo F1® Team ORLEN, Alessandro Alunni Bravi shared the importance of digital acceleration in Formula 1.

Sex education is no longer seen at school, but on Tik Tok

In social networks, minors are solving their doubts about sexuality. This can bring multiple benefits and risks. We explain what they are and how to find the right content.

How global warming will affect astronomy

Astronomical observations around the world will worsen in quality as a result of climate change, according to a new study.

New images of Saturn's rings in stunning detail

New images of Saturn's rings in stunning detail

Review: Call of Duty Modern Warfare II; the title made for the fans

Activision presented the new version of one of the most endearing stories of its Modern Warfare saga. Is it redeemed after the criticism of Vanguard?

NASA discovers more than 50 areas that emit exorbitant levels of greenhouse gases

NASA's 'EMIT' spectrometer locates has targeted Central Asia, the Middle East and the US among others.

LAST MINUTE: Elon Musk is already the owner of Twitter

The purchase of the social network by the billionaire was finalized today for the price agreed at the beginning, 44,000 million dollars.

The iPhone saves Apple's revenue, but not enough to completely rid the crisis

Despite having lower sales of its products and services, the company managed to have satisfactory results.

Prime Day does not save Amazon and reports only 15% growth

The big tech companies are disappointing shareholders and Wall Street's response is to stop betting on them.

Goodbye to “irregular import” cell phones: ZTE will block them in Mexico

The company explained that it will send a message to the smartphones from which it "does not recognize" its import.

Lenovo presents its first

Lenovo has shown what will be its first 'smartbook', a new generation of equipment that will begin to flourish during the present 2010. It is called Skylight, and it unites the concepts of smart mobile phone and 'netbook' to offer a new laptop specially designed for Mobility. The laptop will have a Wi-Fi and 3G connection to access the internet, and it will update data such as e-mails even while on stand-by.

This shark is older than the dinosaurs and is still alive!

: A 200-million-year-old species that continues to swim in the deep sea.

Cells are picky about the mattress where

In the same way that people are demanding when it comes to choosing the mattress they want to sleep on - not too hard, but not too soft - so are cells. In fact, the rigidity of the cellular environment is so important that it can determine whether a stem cell will differentiate into bone or fat, for example. Even if a cell will behave normally or become cancerous.

Will we be able to understand each other with ET?

Suppose we detect an emission from an extraterrestrial civilization. Would we understand something of the message? There is no Rossetta stone for communication with ET

Ancient rivers detected in a plain of Mars

At last there is geological evidence: in the past, conditions on Mars allowed water to flow over its surface.

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The brain is what distinguishes us the most from primates

The human brain is larger than that of other primates and shows notable differences in the region associated with movement and standing.

Meta freezes hiring for the first time in its history

Mark Zuckerberg warns that the macroeconomic context will continue to affect the company in the short term.

This is how the adolescent brain is connected

Cambridge scientists have found that the genes involved in brain maturation are similar to those that trigger schizophrenia.

An anomalous exoplanet discovered

Every week, telescopes around the world detect new exoplanets orbiting stars other than the Sun. But the last one found by the United Kingdom InfraRed Telescope (UKIRT), 3.8 meters in diameter and located in Hawaii, is out of the usual, since being very swollen "defies conventional models of planetary evolution".

The human hamster arrives

It looks like a gigantic exercise ball for rodents, but it is the next revolution in our concept of outdoor entertainment.

Cloned mammals

Since the birth of Dolly, the first cloned mammal, was known 15 years ago, many species have been cloned: mice, cows, dogs, cats, dromedaries ... And even a fighting bull.