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SpaceX satellites are already a problem for telescopes

Starlink, SpaceX's Internet connectivity constellation, is wreaking havoc on scientific research.

This is the ranking of the best Netflix movies and series…according to Netflix

The company has released the most viewed in its entire history.

The Matrix is Resurrected, but Say Goodbye to Movies Streaming the Same Day as in Theaters

For a while we saw how movies were released in theaters and platforms at the same time.

Why do televisions cost more or less the same in all stores and online stores?

There is little difference in price between buying them on one site or another.

Why is my PC running so slow? 3 common causes and how to fix them yourself

Sometimes performance can be improved by disabling a couple of things.

Humidity at home affects your health: do you know how to combat it?

In addition to spoiling your furniture, excess humidity favors the appearance of allergies and asthma. Can anything be done to fix this annoying problem?

Windows 11 Vs Windows 10: news and improvements of the Microsoft operating system

These are the main differences between the two.

These are the best (and cheapest) alternatives to the MacBook Pro

The performance is similar, and they are much cheaper.

These are the most anticipated smartphones that will arrive in 2022

The new iPhone and Galaxy models are the most demanded.

Do you want to avoid being tracked? This is how you can clear cookies and browser cache on your Android phone

When browsing the Internet we leave behind countless footprints and personal information.

They create the most detailed 3D map of the universe and it is spectacular

The map, under construction, now includes 7.5 million galaxies. When complete, it will contain information from 35 million galaxies.

Android 12 revolutionizes its design with large buttons

The world's most used mobile operating system, Google's Android, presented the new version 12 on Tuesday.

Video: Home Experiment: DNA Extraction

Discover how to extract your own DNA in a simple way. Miguel Ángel Sabadell explains it to you in this home experiment.

Windows 11 and the summer of love

Windows 11, which will be installed in the computers of three quarters of the planet, could be a shot to the jugular of Apple and Google. Why is it so special?

A study shows that we are still very similar to the first animals on Earth

According to a study by the University of California, although these animals lacked heads or limbs, there are still fragments of them inside us.

AI and coronavirus: can we trust artificial intelligence?

Brookings Institutions has published a study in which, using COVID-19 as an example, it advocates a healthy skepticism towards artificial intelligence.

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They find a newborn planet similar to Neptune

It is the youngest exoplanet ever detected and could help explain the evolution of the planets.

They sequence the DNA of 100-year-old tumors

DNA sequencing of 100-year-old tumor samples could bolster childhood cancer research.

A device capable of 'reading' your dreams without touching you

It works with radio waves, similar to Wi-Fi routers, and can identify stages of sleep with 80% accuracy.

Distant meteorites contain the ingredients of life

The study suggests that life in other corners of the universe is possible, and that primitive organic matter already existed at the birth of the Solar System.

Jezero crater, Martian landing site

This is the scenario by which the Perseverance rover will evolve in the years to come.

They grow clovers in bacterial symbiosis in Mars-like soils

As Earth's population grows, researchers are studying the possibility of cultivating Martian soils.