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The inexplicable and mysterious disappearance of the inhabitants of Roanoke

One of the great mysteries of history is the disappearance of all the inhabitants of the English colony of Roanoke Island, in the United States.

We really need so many telescopes

Each telescope is capable of observing a tiny window to the universe. They do not cover the entire electromagnetic spectrum or the entire field of view.

The 'Dragon of Death', a new flying species that lived with the dinosaurs

This creature was as long as a bus and was flying through the skies of South America 86 million years ago. It is the largest pterosaur discovered in this area.

The inflation that saved the universe

Just after the Big Bang, the universe expanded super-acceleratingly so that if the same thing happened to the flu virus, it would become much larger than the universe.

This is how we found the most mysterious branch of the human family tree

A third lineage of archaic humans appears to have lived 30,000 years ago, spread from Siberia to Southeast Asia.

Climate change is anthropogenic

Although there are many factors capable of changing the climate, current climate change is a process caused by human activity, especially the burning of fossil fuels.

In the seventeenth century they already believed in aliens

Since when do we believe in alien life? An ancient book discovered in the Cotswolds, England, details a unique date. How were aliens imagined at that time?

Why exactly is the universe expanding?

The universe is expanding and it seems to be doing so faster and faster. Galaxies, supernovae and other objects have allowed us to discover why.

What were the disgusting noises of Havana?

US and Canadian diplomatic personnel in Havana experienced unexplained health problems related to strange sounds

This is what happened on Earth 500 million years ago

550 million years ago the Cambrian revolution took place, a unique moment in the evolutionary history of life on Earth and of which we are its heirs.

A huge asteroid will approach Earth this Friday

It is twice the size of the tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa) and will be the largest space rock to visit us this year.

They find a network of hidden salt lakes on Mars

The new radar data adds to evidence of water below the south pole of Mars. It is a whole system of liquid water lakes.

What is the quantum Internet and what uses could it have in the future

After we learned this week that a group of scientists has achieved what could become the quantum Internet, we discovered what it is and what uses it could have.

Impulsiveness can be regulated

A study led by the Institute of Neurosciences of Alicante, and published in the British Journal of Pharmacology, reveals how manipulation of the endocannabinoid system can serve to modulate excess impulsivity.

36 years have passed since the only visit to the planet Uranus

The first and only time we have 'been' to the fourth most massive planet in the solar system was in 1986.

Night photos from space

Here is a sample of the beauty of our planet at night seen from the ISS.

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A huge asteroid will speed past Earth in March

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Forgetting could make you smarter

Our brain forgets the less relevant details to improve decision making.

15 milestones in the history of Google that you should know

Larry Page and Sergey Brin created the Google search engine at Stanford University (USA) in 1996. Did you know that at the beginning it was called BackRub? And that the name of Google is a play on words with the mathematical term "gogol", whose pronunciation in English is similar to that of "Google" and which refers to the number one followed by 100 zeros?

They build robot microfish

Its movements can be directed by a magnetic control system