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Goodbye to “irregular import” cell phones: ZTE will block them in Mexico

ZTE will deactivate “irregularly imported” cell phones in Mexico , the company announced in a press release. As explained by the ZTE corporate in Mexico, “due to the high rates of irregular import of equipment in our country” these devices will be disabled .

The company explained that it will send a message to the smartphones of which it “does not recognize” its import, and recommends users to go to the point of sale where it was purchased because the device will be blocked .

The message that users will see will be the following:

“This equipment is not working properly because it was not designed for networks in Mexico.”

The reason for the blockade is that by not recognizing the importation of the devices, “it is not responsible for compliance with the applicable regulations, homologation protocols or guarantee policies” because they are equipment that was originally designed to work and be distributed in other countries.

ZTE encourages its users to purchase their devices only through formal channels, where a warranty policy is offered to “avoid hassles”. In addition, it mentions that users who wish to “exercise their legitimate rights” must do so in the same place where they purchased the device.

How to know if my smartphone was imported irregularly?

The measure is undoubtedly strict and could affect thousands of users in the country. The question that arises is how to know if my smartphone was imported irregularly? For ZTE users it will be simple as they will receive a message that suggests it.

For equipment of other brands, it is enough to check if the smartphone has the NOOM024 label, which indicates that the device complies with the Official Mexican Standards. Said label must show the information of the importer and the details of the product in Spanish.

Additionally, buyers are recommended to ensure that the point of sale, whether physical or online, makes the product warranty valid in Mexico.

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