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77% of the semiconductors that Intel manufactured in 2020 came from Asia

Semiconductors became popular thanks to the crisis. Although they are fundamental elements for the development of technological devices, the shortage caused by the closure of factories in Asia , as well as the high demand, put them in the spotlight.

Intel noted that during 2020, 77% of the semiconductors it produced came from Asia , while efforts to diversify its manufacturing are seeking to reduce dependency to just 50%.

These efforts have already begun to materialize in the company’s new plants in the US.

According to Diego Garza, director of channels and alliances for Intel Mexico, part of the effort to diversify this production responds to the needs of the market, as they hope to have more equipment available for end customers, as is the case with gamers, but also businesses. , as are teams focused on data centers.

In numbers, the company pointed out that the profits they had on the sale of PC Gaming hardware equipment were 36,000 million dollars in 2020, while the economy of the creator they want to reach is estimated at 104,000 million dollars.

The target they seek to reach has a demand on the performance of their computers, both in performing several tasks at the same time, as well as in graphics processing.

With this new generation, the importance of the standard frequency that Intel reaches with this processor lies in the difference it establishes with AMD’s Ryzen 7000, which is at a frequency of 5.7 Ghz.

Intel Core 13th Generation in Mexico

A few weeks after the global launch of the new generation of Intel, the brand brings its new processors to Mexico.

The family that arrives in the country includes more than 50 processors, and more than 500 designs with this new generation. In addition to targeting gamers and content creators, Intel is also looking to provide a better experience for business customers.

“We are launching Intel Unison, a system that runs under the Evo platform that allows tasks to be carried out with multiple devices. The idea is to have permanent fluid connectivity,” said Ricardo Chaparro, director of the computing business unit at Intel Mexico.

This integration launched by Intel is the product of the alliance it had with the Israeli company Screenovate, who joined the company in January of this year.

The new platform is available on systems with the twelfth generation Evo seal and can be purchased through a download on the official Intel site.

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