CFE Telecom: the awkward guest at the private operators' party?

Although the state company's concession only allows it to operate in offline locations, it has entered markets served by companies such as AT&T, Telcel and Telefónica.

Canada has its eyes fixed on Mexico to invest in mining

The lack of concessions has put companies in a scenario in which investment in exploration takes on a preponderant role.

Last Minute: Pemex records an explosion in a Tabasco pipeline

The state oil company has ruled out injuries and has said that the explosion was triggered by an ethane gas leak.

Citibanamex promotes inclusion and diversity from the heart of the business

The principles of inclusion and diversity must start from within the company, and then be reflected in respect for customers and the community that surrounds it.

Kavak signs financial agreements with three banks for 810 million dollars

The amount will be used both to expand the inventory of models and to finance the vehicles.

How to accelerate the adoption of 5G? Companies see a solution in device subsidies

Companies in the sector assure that if telephones are subsidized in Mexico, the digital gap will be reduced more quickly. Other countries have used a different scheme to drive adoption.

Parts for your car? You can wait sitting until 2024

The shortage of auto repair parts is expected to end for another 2 years. Meanwhile, agencies can take up to four months to repair a car in Mexico.

From CDMX to the world: El Oso has been shining shoes around the world for more than 100 years

This 100% Mexican company has been in existence since 1918, but over the years its products did not remain only in the country and today they reach the other side of the world.


Dieter Nur is back. And as expected, quite the old one

"Nuhr im Erste", the cabaret show with Dieter Nuhr (ARD), is back from the summer break. And it just gushes out of him. The TV review.

“Once the reputation is ruined …”: Laura Müller makes a strange token of love to Michael Wendler

Michael Wendler and Laura Müller make public declarations of love. Müller underlaid a "Love you" clip with an interesting song.

Must Read

Man extorts money from a bank branch in Lebanon – his own

Because of the severe economic crisis in Lebanon, many people have slipped into poverty. But even Lebanese with savings can hardly get their money - some resort to drastic measures.

Queen's funeral: Archbishop causes a stir with sermon subordinate clause – side swipe?

Queen Elizabeth II is dead. After the public was allowed to say goodbye, the queen has now been buried. The Archbishop of Canterbury attracted attention with a subordinate clause in the sermon.