Digital vaccination passport to the Colombian

THREE ENTREPRENEURS, with their accelerated company in Silicon Valley, have ready, thanks to blockchain technology, the platform for those vaccinated ...

World Entrepreneurship Day: What is the profile of the successful?

April 16 is the day in which it is intended to inspire all those people who work every day to carry out their business idea.

Grant Cardone advises how to survive recessions

Chapter of "If you are not the first, you are the last", the latest book by the billionaire in the real estate industry and best seller in sales.

Voices of women leaders: experiences towards equity

Fighting against the limiting beliefs that society imposes, preparing and assuming work with discipline, are part of the learning.

Is the drive for success justified ?, asks philosopher Michael J. Sandel

The most recognized philosophy professor in the world questions meritocracy in his most recent book “The Tyranny of Merit. What has become of the common good?

Marketing: the insider's strategy to sell a new product

Chapter of the book “The great plan. A simple strategy to grow an extraordinary business in any market.

Entrepreneurship offers scholarships to learn in the beauty business

These academic grants are aimed at people in strata one and two, mothers who are heads of households and people who have been violated.

Mesfix achieved a record after financing $ 200,000 million

Mesfix achieved a record after financing $ 200,000 million


The AIFA closes April with an average of just over 1,100 daily passengers

The new airport served 34,981 passengers in the month, with the highest traffic recorded going to Cancún and Mérida. However, other routes such as to Villahermosa remained in decline.

A sustainable vision is key in the organizational strategy

Companies like Enel stand out for accompanying their clients to adopt a new approach, find solutions tailored to their objectives and integrate sustainability into their value chain.

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A huge asteroid will approach Earth this Friday

It is twice the size of the tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa) and will be the largest space rock to visit us this year.

This is what happened on Earth 500 million years ago

550 million years ago the Cambrian revolution took place, a unique moment in the evolutionary history of life on Earth and of which we are its heirs.