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Ukrainian woman killed in shelter: husband suspected of murder

A Ukrainian woman is killed in front of her children in a refugee camp in Berlin. The husband is then arrested.

Tesla gets Sealed Oyster for dealing with the media

In 2022, the Network Recherche journalists’ association awarded the “Closed Oyster” negative prize again. It was given to an e-car manufacturer that operates a plant near Berlin.

Blackouts in Bavaria? “Political populism is a threat to our democracy”

Winter is just around the corner and the fear of blackouts or cold living rooms is growing. Expert Stefan Holzheu from the University of Bayreuth classifies the situation.

Start of vacation: Longer waiting times at Düsseldorf Airport

Off on vacation: But before that, the travelers had to go through the security checks. Patience was required at peak times...

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's bodyguard nearly choked woman to death

Ironically, a violent offender protected Meghan and Harry. The former police officer was on record for abusing his wife.

Unsettled and windy weather

Everywhere in Germany people in Germany have to reckon with showers and thunderstorms on Sunday even with heavy rain at the weekend. Will it be better on Monday?

Queen admonished Meghan: 'In this family we don't talk to people like that'

Queen Elizabeth II had to scold Meghan Markle in front of the entire kitchen staff, reports a new book.

Hurricane Fiona causes severe damage in Canada

Hurricane "Fiona" has weakened but still caused severe damage as a dangerous storm on Canada's Atlantic coast. Homes have been washed away, hundreds of thousands are without electricity.

Wanda's keyboardist dies shortly before album release

Christian Hummer was a longtime keyboardist for the Austrian band Wanda. After a long, serious illness, he died shortly before the release of a new album.

"Gangsta's Paradise": Rapper Coolio found dead in toilet

The US rapper Coolio is dead. He was only 59 years old. The music scene reacted dismayed to the news.

A different kind of rail replacement service: on foot instead of by bus

In the north, the railways are currently relying on special rail replacement services: their own legs. Passengers have to walk over the Schlei bridge near Lindaunis. This is significantly faster than the bus.

Prince Charming" contestant infected with monkeypox: "Absolute hell"

Lars Tönsfeuerborn, winner of the first "Prince Charming" show, contracted monkeypox in June. He now shares it on his podcast

Predator attack in the safari park: German student bitten by cheetah in the head

A cheetah attacked a 17-year-old boy at a safari park in the Netherlands. The youth apparently ignored warnings.

Russia reiterates nuclear threats on final day of annexation 'referendums'

The former president and part of the Security Council, Dmitri Medvedev, affirms that the country has the right to use the atomic weapon to defend the occupied territories in Ukraine.

But no rest: Melanie Müller sang in Mallorca

The Ballermann singer wanted to retire for a while after the affair about an alleged Nazi salute at a concert in Leipzig. But then she made a different decision.

Massive power outage in Cuba enters third day

The hurricane has long since moved north, but many Cubans are still without electricity.

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Sad fate for dog baby: Puppy thrown in garbage can – police officer takes dog

Unknown people have put a puppy in a garbage can. Fortunately, the animal was found in time. The investigation is ongoing.

Corona pandemic exacerbated lack of exercise among schoolchildren

Distance learning schools, sports clubs and leisure facilities closed: the corona pandemic has had a strong impact on the lives of children at times. This can also be seen in the lack of exercise.

"Ian" makes landfall in Cuba as a category 3 hurricane

The general coordinator of the National Meteorological Service, Alejandra Méndez Girón, explained about the effects left by the hurricane in the country.

No Christmas lights because of energy prices?

Shining lights at Christmas are simply part of it for many, especially in the dark season. Fairy lights, festively illuminated facades and trees are ill-fated this year.

Moles are like "turbocharged Porsche engines"

Moles have an extremely high metabolism and therefore need a lot of food. But in winter there is not enough of it. The European mole has found an unusual solution for this.

Coffee with hibiscus: Australian becomes barista world champion

Coffee is not just coffee. World championships in refined cooking of the drink have now been held in Melbourne.