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Number of deaths after volcanic eruption on Java continues to rise

The 3700 meter high Semeru volcano has been increasingly active again since December 2020. The volcano erupted on Saturday - dozens of people were killed.

The tank top is in fashion

You have probably already seen it in stores: the tank top, often in a bourgeois pattern, sometimes funny and different, hangs in the departments with the trendy fashion. How can that be?

EU declares 2022 the Year of Youth

Young people have suffered many setbacks during the pandemic. The European Union therefore wants to put young people in the foreground next year.

Donald Trump: His platform "Truth Social" calls the financial authorities on the scene

Donald Trump wants to build his own social network and collects money for it. However, investigations by US tax authorities are now pending.

New Omicron infections in those who have recovered and who have been vaccinated? New data from South Africa calls into question 2G

The Omikron variant is on the rise. How dangerous is it for those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered? All news in the ticker.

Why Tom Kaulitz annoys life with Heidi Klum in Los Angeles

Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz has lived in Los Angeles for more than ten years. Since he was in a relationship with Heidi Klum, he has also felt the downside of the city.

Corona inactivated vaccine Novavax: One factor is delaying approval

Several billion doses of Novavax's new Covid vaccine should be delivered in 2021. However, production problems have so far made this impossible.

Booster: double vaccinated and sick with corona? That has to be considered

Boosters are recommended. But what happens to people who are fully vaccinated and infected with corona? Does the refresh make sense then? All information.

Smartphone-free zone: Pub offers 50 percent discount on food without a mobile phone

A pub in Dorset, UK wants to keep its guests away from their smartphones while eating. That's why there is a 50 percent discount on mobile phone-free meals.

Terminally ill owner finds a new home for senior dog

Owner John and dog Pawpaw don't have much time together anymore. In the last days of his life, John is looking for a new family for his senior dog and is successful.

Michael Wendler in Playboy: He is given a dubious "honor"

For Michael Wendler, things are currently not going so well - to put it mildly. It is true that he is now given the honor of being featured in Playboy. But that won't give his career a boost either.

RKI registers 42,055 new corona infections, the incidence is falling

The seven-day incidence has fallen slightly, and the death toll is now well below the previous day's figure.

“Never so full!” Austrian clinics initiate triage – even with non-corona patients

What is considered a horror scenario in Germany in the fourth corona wave is already running in Austria: triage in hospitals. Also on the border with Bavaria. Not only Covid-19 patients are affected.

Baldwin thanks his wife for support

Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins dies on the set of the western “Rust”. Alec Baldwin's gun contained live ammunition. The Hollywood star thanks his wife with an emotional message.

Incidence in Cologne over 400: Crisis team informs about the corona situation

The corona situation is tense in Cologne. On Friday, the city will report on the current corona situation and possible further aggravations.

Omikron: This is how well the vaccines protect against the corona variant

The new Corona variant Omikron has arrived in Germany. The bosses of Biontech and Moderna comment on the effectiveness of their vaccines.

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Study proves very high corona protection through FFP2 masks

Those who wear a mask protect themselves and others from corona infection. Researchers from Göttingen have now calculated how much FFP2 masks protect.

Will the vaccination status soon expire for everyone without a booster vaccination?

Since the vaccination protection of a double vaccination is decreasing, politicians are thinking about shortening the validity of vaccination certificates. Is the booster obligation coming?

The process of killing begins at traffic lights

The occupants of two cars collide at an intersection in Hanover. Suddenly there is shooting and a man dies. A 33-year-old is now on trial for manslaughter.

Deutsche Bahn: New rules for children – that's changing

Deutsche Bahn is planning numerous innovations. One of these concerns families with children between the ages of six and 14: What parents need to know in the future.

Corona protests in Germany – attacks on journalists – "mood is heating up"

Demonstrations against the corona measures are taking place across Germany. According to the police, the mood threatens to change.

Incidence in Cologne over 400: Crisis team informs about the corona situation

The corona situation is tense in Cologne. On Friday, the city will report on the current corona situation and possible further aggravations.