EconomyInvestingEntrepreneurship offers scholarships to learn in the beauty business

Entrepreneurship offers scholarships to learn in the beauty business

These academic aids are aimed at people in strata one and two, mothers who are heads of households and people who have been violated in any special condition.

In the country there are many women who are dedicated to the art of manicure and pedicure. Faced with the need to train more people in this job, the Charlotte Cosmetics company opened an academy dedicated to teaching innovative techniques. The academic process is inaugurated with the diploma ‘Generalities, salon finances and trends in Nail Art’, this will have an intensity of 120 hours and will be certified and endorsed by the Ministry of Education.

It is noteworthy that Charlotte Cosmetics is an ECO brand for nails and eyelash extensions, 100% biosecure, they have a European certification and is considered a great bet for the health of people, the client, the manicurist, in addition to being cosmetics friendly with nails and the environment.

In this process they will give scholarships to people in strata one and two, mothers who are heads of households and people who have been violated in any special condition and want to become professional in this area. In addition, it will offer diplomas and the labor technician for skills to professionalize this trade.

Another differential factor that the academy will have is that people with disabilities who want to study do it without any impediment because the labor technician and the graduates will have an inclusive learning system, this allows students to correlate all the academic and internalize knowledge from practice.

“There will be a subject called classroom finance, with this subject we seek to learn how to manage business economics, to request a certificate from the chamber of commerce, namely, how to join social security. It’s a matter of financially and professionally cultivating nail art, ”says Valerie Delgado Ramos, founder of Charlotte Cosmetics.

And it is that this company every year carries out the Charlotte Route with which they train women from rural territories to learn innovative manicure and pedicure techniques. This with the aim of helping participants have their own entrepreneurship and can support their needs and those of their families. With this project they have managed to train more than 3,000 people throughout the national territory so that they can undertake jobs in the hairdressers, manicurists, beauticians and barbers sector.

“After months of carrying out procedures with the Ministry of National Education, we achieved another of our dreams, to open an institution for people to become professional in the profession of manicure and pedicure,” says Delgado, leader of the Colombian company.

It is noteworthy that the beauty academy in the following months will open other diplomas and the labor technician by competences, which will last 1200 hours and will have international professors who will teach subjects such as human rights, ethics and values, business entrepreneurship, morphology of the nail, step by step application, nail preparation and how to handle semi-permanent gels and nail extensions with polygel.

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“It seems to us that nail art should be professionalized. In Colombia we have fashion and beauty trends, but we need to align ourselves with international standards. We want anyone who yearns to learn and professionalize just turn on their phone and can do it. The place does not matter, we arrive there both virtual and in person ”, says Delgado and invites women and men who want to join this project to do so.

Finally, Delgado states that “we do it from the heart, not only to help them and them but also to contribute a grain of sand to entrepreneurship and the economic development of our country. Also to raise awareness among all the people who work in this environment who claim to be non-professionals, but simply do a job, to teach them that to do a good manicure requires a professional process ”.

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