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World Entrepreneurship Day: What is the profile of the successful?

April 16 is the day on which it is intended to inspire all those people who work every day to carry out their business idea, execute it and turn it into a source of employment. Therefore, here we tell you about some of those who have already managed to get it out of the stadium by creating high-impact ventures and, above all, have become a source of inspiration.

“Entrepreneurship is a risk appetite issue in general. One can be employed and get a job and stability, in entrepreneurship there is a lot of uncertainty ”. On the other side of the screen was Martín Schrimpff, one of the creators of PayU, an investor in more than 20 companies with a technological focus and with growth of up to 400% in one of them. After publishing his interview in El Espectador, already in a chat message he also launched an analogy that could well become the maxim of business creation: Edwin, undertaking “is like jumping out of a plane. With or without a parachute ”. And, immediately afterwards, he sent three emoticons with smiles and tears at the same time. “Yes, it’s scary that he won’t open the parachute.”

The situation is the same, it is repeated, over and over again, when the microphone is opened to an entrepreneur. Everyone talks about fears, struggles, discipline, defending an idea, protecting it, but also telling it to more and more people because when that happens, the network spreads and feedback can define the course of the project. Again, the same situation experienced by entrepreneurs who 50 years ago created what today are some of the most important companies in the country, only that today there is more talk of entrepreneurship because there are more networks, the internet appeared and the distribution of information became massive.

That is why today within the framework of World Entrepreneurship Day , we are going to portray the profile of those entrepreneurs who have taken them out of the stadium, they belong to the Endeavor network that empowers high-impact companies (turnover of more than one million dollars per year) and that they achieve that these nascent entrepreneurs return to that same network not only part of their knowledge through mentoring, but also many of them invest in new ideas, new businesses, new ventures by putting part of their own resources.

By age: they start their ventures at 24. Be careful, not all of them succeeded in that first attempt. On average it took seven years until they found a way to grow and convert it to high impact. Then they worked six more years to consolidate it. The average age of an Endeavor entrepreneur is 43 years old.

By cities: “Bogotá, Medellín and Cali are the cities that saw the most high-impact entrepreneurs born,” says the Endeavor report. “Of every 10 Endeavor entrepreneurs in Colombia, 2.4 are from Bogotá, 2.3 from Medellín and 1.6 from Cali. But in addition, 3 out of 10 entrepreneurs were born in other cities of the world and chose Colombia as the country to ‘put down roots’ with their companies ”.

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Do you start as a couple? It is known that 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs in this network are married.

How are they in education? Economics and finance, administration and engineering are the most frequent areas of study. Of every 10 entrepreneurs, 5.8 studied a master’s degree, 3.5 completed an undergraduate degree and 0.5 did a specialization.

For every 9 high-impact entrepreneurs, there is one female entrepreneur (90.8% men – 9.2% women)

Did you have a formal job before starting your business? Endeavor says that “5 out of 10 entrepreneurs went through a corporate job before dedicating 100% to their companies. On the other hand, 2.5 out of 10 entrepreneurs are native entrepreneurs and had no work experience before starting ”.

In what sectors? technology, fintech and food and beverages are, today, the most common. They are also in agriculture, education, marketing and advertising, wellness and fitness.

How many jobs on average does a high-impact business generate? In direct jobs we speak of 380 to which we must add indirect jobs.

What brands are among the analyzed profiles? Acsendo, Addi, Aldeamo, Alegra, Aranda Soft, Bodytech, Campoalto, Chef Burguer, Crezcamos, Finsocial, Hogaru, Home Burguers, Mesfix, Novoagro,, Platzi, Poke, R5, Refinancia, Servinformación, Siigo, beat, Tes America, Vive Agro, Widetech, LaHaus.

And about partners, what is known? Almost 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs have partners in their companies . How many partners? The most common in the companies consulted is that they are 2 partners (51%). However, there are also cases of 3 (28.6%) and 4 partners (20%).

In which market do they already operate? In addition to Colombia, in Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Peru.

And what is happening in the rest of the Colombian entrepreneurial ecosystem?

According to the ICT ministry, 66,900 Colombians have benefited from Apps.Co and Vende Digital in the last year.

In 2020, Apps.Co trained more than 57,000 people in digital skills and accompanied 1,022 companies in their growth in the digital world.

The I Want to Sell Online and I Want My Virtual Store initiatives seek to benefit 9,900 entrepreneurs with an investment of $ 34,644 million. The first accompanies 3,500 businessmen, merchants or entrepreneurs to support them in digital commerce and, says the ministry, it was a proposal that closed its call with the fulfillment of the goal by 279%.

And on the second, I Want My Virtual Store, closed registrations on Thursday, April 15 and “will allow to launch 6,400 virtual stores integrated into a Marketplace solution, a kind of virtual shopping center where netizens find several stores as shopping alternatives” .

In parallel, it was also learned that a2censo , the first collaborative financing platform in the country, seeks throughout 2021 to present “50 companies with high growth potential so that any Colombian can invest in them from 200 thousand pesos , in order to obtain a return on their investment and support business development in Colombia ”, according to Innpulsa.

Ignacio Gaitán, president of said entity, assured that “to continue consolidating Colombia as an entrepreneurial Nation, it is essential that growing companies find financing vehicles such as a2censo. For this reason, we allied with the Colombian Stock Exchange, BVC, to make this selection of 50 companies with a very high potential, so that they open their financing campaigns and become an opportunity for all Colombians who wish to invest ” .

For his part, Juan Pablo Córdoba, president of the BVC, was clear that “a2censo is the alternative for all small and medium-sized companies to grow and develop their projects. Additionally, this alliance that we have with Innpulsa continues to guide us to reduce the financing gap for SMEs. This is how we will be launching new options on the platform to bring it much closer to investors and of course to companies ”.

Mesfix achieved a record after financing $ 200,000 million

Mesfix achieved a record after financing $ 200,000 million