World Entrepreneurship Day

World Entrepreneurship Day: What is the profile of the successful?

April 16 is the day in which it is intended to inspire all those people who work every day to carry out their business idea.


Environmental disaster in the Oder: "The dose makes the poison" – an interview with an expert

Thousands of fish have been dying in the Oder for days. The cause is still not clear. We spoke to engineer Dennis Peupelmann about possible causes.

Walrus Freya euthanized in Norway

In July, the authorities still wanted to avoid euthanasia at all costs. But the lives and safety of people were seen to be in danger.

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Thylacoleo, the marsupial lion of Australia

This animal had the greatest bite force of all mammals.

Internet cookies, how do they work and what information do they collect?

Google postponed their removal to 2024, but they remain an important issue for user privacy.