Review: Surface Laptop Go 2, a lap to comply with NOM-037 at a good price

The new Microsoft computer is smaller and more affordable, which positions it as one of the devices that several companies will be able to use to comply with NOM-037.

From Jalisco to the world: the electronics industry represents 12,232 million dollars in this state alone

From Jalisco to the world, the electronic industry represents 12,232 million dollars, just over 50% of the total value of exports that the entity has.

Review: MacBook Pro with M2 chip, a familiar design with more power

At first glance you have to double check that you are not using a Mac with an M1 chip, but when you use it, the change is visible.

These are all the news of Windows 11, which will arrive at Christmas

Microsoft officially presented its new version of Windows, whose focus is on a more elegant design, where it is possible to multitask.

After the pandemic, digitization grew by 80%

In Mexico, although companies have already transformed, only 37% of companies offer digital services as part of their business plan.

Pandemic drives the use of devices to enable teleworking

According to Microsoft data, the use of computer equipment increased during the pandemic as SMEs needed equipment to enable teleworking.

AMD Announces New Series of Mobile Computing Processors

The Ryzen 5000 Series are already available in Mexico in laptops aimed at different segments, but in particular, gamers.

Review: The 2021 iMac is the best at what it promises

This Apple computer shows an important advance in terms of camera, audio and processing, versus its predecessor and other equipment of the brand.


No royal airs: Kate Middleton helps lonely boys on the train

Mom of three Kate Middleton is there when a lonely child needs help. During a train ride without any bodyguards, she kept a boy company.

Weather forecast for Baden-Württemberg: Expert warns of "torrential rain"

It's hot in Baden-Württemberg. Too hot. The country has been plagued by a dangerous drought for weeks. Read here whether the long-awaited rain is finally coming:

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Suspension of cooperation between the US and China affects the fight against climate change

Beijing also canceled high-level military meetings in response to Nancy Pelosi's trip, which it believes undermined its "sovereignty and territorial integrity" and threatened "peace and stability."

"Kids Run" with Jannis Niewöhner on ZDF: Raging Bull

Intense, dirty debut drama with Jannis Niewöhner as a former amateur boxer fighting for his children.