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Did a program crash on your computer? Before restarting it you can try these options

As a general rule, there are many applications or programs that are used daily on a computer. Thanks to these we get the most out of the operating system, but we must also know how to manage them in the best way.

At some point, Windows users may come across an application that is not responding or is blocked, so that they cannot use it or close it naturally. That is why in these cases it is necessary to perform a forced application closure.

Here are some alternatives that might work for you.

Task Manager

– Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc
– Select the application you want to close and press “End Task”.

– You can also press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open the task manager.

windows command prompt

– Press Windows + R to open the command prompt.

– Once opened we proceed to list the programs and applications that are running by typing “tasklist”:

– We identify the program we want to stop, either by name or by the number in the PID column. We proceed to stop it.

-To close the program by the PID number you must write “taskkill /F /PID number of PID” . In this case, if you need to close Chrome, the code would be “taskkill /F /PID 7332”

– If you want to close by name, the code is taskill /F /IM “process name”

– In this case, if we need to close the Internet XboxApp, the command would be ” taskkill /F /IM XboxApp.exe”.

Other alternatives to force close an application or program

– Press Alt + F4 (and maybe also Fn , depending on how your function row is programmed). This will close any application that is running.

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