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Review: MacBook Air M2, is it worth investing 37,999 pesos?

If there’s one Apple product to buy so far, it’s the MacBook Air with the M2 chip. Not only the design became much more striking, but also its performance and functionality.

As first impressions, beyond appreciating the stellar white color, I could notice the lightness of it (reducing the weight from only 1.29 to 1.24 kg) and a thinness that demonstrates the importance of Apple having control of the chip that lives inside. of their teams.

First impressions with the MacBook Air M2

Once we open the MacBook Air we can notice two important things, the Liquid Retina screen, which now has a substantial improvement in brightness (it reaches 500 nits), in addition to the reduction of its edges. Oh, and also, in the center we find the famous notch that now houses a 1080p camera that makes video calls more decent. Be careful, in this model we do not yet have 1000 nits of brightness or ProMotion, so it is something to wait for a new version.

But the most relevant thing about this new MacBook Air is when you use it. Since its launch, there were many expectations about its performance and if it was better to opt for this instead of the new MacBook Pro and I can tell you that its use raises many questions, in the sense that they have similar performance.

From the outset, the autonomy it has is very close to that of the MacBook Pro M2 with 18 hours of battery, which means that for the average user of this type of computer it can be used practically all day and so it was in my case, using it for word processing, video calls, video review and I was still able to “save” some battery to use the next day.

Another key point of this model is that it does not have fans and has a heat “dispersion” system. This means that in normal use, the MacBook Air M2 doesn’t heat up over time or with the demands of having many applications running at the same time, so for an average user you won’t find any problems. Now, if you take it to the maximum level of capacity, you will notice a little heating and that the power drops, but it is in the least of cases.

This is how you can have an iMovie project -an application that Apple considers that those who buy this computer use-, a photo edition in Photoshop, a browser open with more than 10 windows, Apple TV running at the same time and everything remains under control.

Finally, there are some things that are nice to have in this version, such as the return of the MagSafe cable, but the possibility of also charging through the USB-C port and the inclusion of four speakers, which despite not being as visible within the design, they work well and even support Dolby Atmos and spatial audio.

This means, for me, that if I have the choice between buying a new MacBook Air M2 or a MacBook Pro M2, perhaps because of my profile, I would opt for the first one and I consider that those who want to be new Apple users or have many years without renewing your equipment, this is not only the safest option, but also the one that will give you the most satisfaction due to its performance and design.

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