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How to create and use a Memoji

With the arrival of iOS 13, Apple decided to give the popular Animoji a spin, introducing the Memoji stickers, which basically consist of a series of cartoon avatars that we can customize to our liking with different predetermined facial expressions.

They differ from Animoji precisely in that Memoji can come to resemble us, in addition to being able to reproduce our gestures and facial expressions, so that we can even use them when sending curious videos with our voice over .

In fact, it is also perfectly possible to use them outside of the iOS environment, although it is true that it is essential to use our iPhone or iPad device not only to be able to create it, but also to edit it. Thus, once generated, we can use it in other applications such as Messenger (Facebook), WhatsApp and Instagram.

How to create our own Memoji

To create a Memoji , we must open the Messages application on our iOS device. We choose any conversation and touch the Animoji function, which we will find located in the application bar (which looks like a small monkey). Thus, we slide our finger to the right until the ‘+’ button appears, which we must press. This will create a new Memoji.

We customize the shape, style and color of each part of the head. For example, we can customize the skin tone (and even add other details, such as freckles, beauty spots or a different tone on the cheeks), the hairstyle, the eyebrows, the eyes, the shape of the head, nose, mouth. , ears, facial hair, glasses and hats.

Finally, when we are done, we press the Done button.

How to use our Memoji

Once created, it is possible to start using it in any compatible application. Although its use will differ a bit depending on what we want to do with it. For example, if you want to record a video with the Memoji and our voice, we must open the Messages application.

We start a conversation, or open an existing one, touch the Animoji icon and choose the one we want to use (in this case, ours recently created). We press the Record button, and from that moment the app will record our voice while the Memoji will reproduce our facial expressions, up to a maximum of 30 seconds. When you’re done, hit Stop . Finally, press Submit .

It is also possible to use it in FaceTime so that the Memoji appears instead of our face live. To do this, we open the FaceTime app, press the Camera Effects icon, touch the Animoji icon and choose the Memoji that we would like to use.

But if what you want is to use your Memoji in any conversation, remember that, once created and edited, you will find it available in the icons part of your instant messaging application (such as Messenger or WhatsApp).

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