Dante Alighieri, a constant traveler

His life was a constant journey, an unfinished journey with his longing for the paradox of the city he loved and hated at the same time, Florence.

Chronicles of the Boys of Usme: A Satellite Named Javier

El Espectador publishes a series of stories by boys from one of the towns in Bogotá most affected by exclusion and the national strike.

The Two Impostors (Saturday Afternoon Tales)

On the end of the year holidays I traveled to the United States to visit a friend. Before the trip I organized an itinerary because I needed to buy time.

Denígrame y Asociados (Saturday afternoon stories)

My heart palpitations accelerate and I feel a flock of ice beetles crashing against the walls of my stomach.

The photo of that sunset (Tales of Saturday afternoon)

It was August 23 the day you jumped into the water from that bridge.

Experts point to which portrait attributed to Goya is of the artist José Campeche

A portrait of a woman attributed to the Spaniard Francisco de Goya may actually be a work of the Puerto Rican José Campeche y Jordán.

"The sound of pain is very similar to delight"

"Las voladoras" is the most recent book by Mónica Ojeda, published by the publishing house Pages de Espuma.

Frankfurt was reborn from its ashes

Frankfurt, a central German city on the River Main, located in western Germany, is the fifth largest city in the country.


The AIFA closes April with an average of just over 1,100 daily passengers

The new airport served 34,981 passengers in the month, with the highest traffic recorded going to Cancún and Mérida. However, other routes such as to Villahermosa remained in decline.

A sustainable vision is key in the organizational strategy

Companies like Enel stand out for accompanying their clients to adopt a new approach, find solutions tailored to their objectives and integrate sustainability into their value chain.

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Where is the Pandora Cluster?

We also know it as Abell 2744 and its gas is so hot that it can only be detected with X-rays. We will tell you more about this cluster of galaxies.

Are you a ICU mom? It's hard, but remember you're not alone

When our baby is born, we can't wait for the moment to bring it home and start a new life together. However, sometimes there are some medical circumstances for which this is not possible, and the baby must remain hospitalized for a longer time.