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The most threatened animals of the year

A species is classified as endangered when its population has declined between 50% and 70% or less than 250 adult individuals.

Do birds hibernate?

We have learned that dormouses, turtles, bats, rabbits, marmots or snakes hibernate. Also the birds?

The most creative photographs of wildlife

We already have the winners of the Nature inFocus photo contest for this year 2021. The photos are fabulous!

La Palma volcano: scientists predict the longest eruption in 500 years

The seismicity has increased in the last hours and new emission sources have been opened in the Canarian volcano.

The UK will recognize octopuses and crabs as sentient beings

Are lobsters, octopuses, or crabs in pain? Yes, scientists say.

The vaquita could be the next animal to go extinct

Its population has fallen precipitously. There are only 10 sea vaquitas left in the world. It is nearing extinction.

Only 2.9% of the Earth is considered ecologically intact

Protecting and reintroducing species in these areas could increase this value to 20%

How do bees find their way home in the dark?

Discover all the details of his brilliant strategy


Winter weather in Germany: Sunday brings "a white surprise" in the north

Many hope for a white Christmas. Currently, however, the weather is increasingly making the roads slippery. The snowfall also lasts.

Five dead discovered in house in Brandenburg – police investigate after terrible find

Terrible find near Berlin: the police discovered several dead people in a house in Königs Wusterhausen, Brandenburg.

Must Read

Space junk threat: Nasa forced to postpone field operations

Because space junk is suddenly reported, the US space agency Nasa has to postpone a planned spacewalk on the ISS.

Volcano on La Palma: Again new lava flows

The volcanic eruption on La Palma never ends. The volcano in Cumbre Vieja is explosive again - and the lava is making its way through new openings.