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A bicycle on the water


Have you ever thought about how the plastic drums used in water dispensers could be recycled? Chinese Li Weiguo has decided to use them to turn a traditional bicycle into a comfortable pedal-powered water bike . To make the new vehicle work, the rear wheel axles have been replaced by paddles that allow the rider to propel and maneuver through the water. And to get back to ground level, all you have to do is lift the floating drums and keep pedaling.

Weiguo, who a few weeks ago demonstrated his invention in a lake in Wuhan, in the Chinese province of Hubei, plans to refine it to be able to start chain production and marketing of this ” amphibious bicycle ” soon.

Using decomposing human remains as compost will be legal from 2027

Everywhere? No. California just legalized this practice. It will be applicable within five years and each person will be able to decide if they want to do it or not.

How did the rabbit invasion in Australia come about?

Although it was introduced to the island more than 90 times in 70 years, only one of the introductions, in 1859, is the cause of the invasion, according to a recent study.

Biodiversity underground: an ecosystem under our feet

The soil is of great importance in the ecosystem; the decomposition process is what makes it easier for nutrient cycles to close properly.

The cenote, a unique underground ecosystem

Under the jungle of Yucatan, Mexico, there are flooded karstic cavities called cenotes, key ecosystems and refuges of biodiversity.

Is 'organic farming' really organic?

Despite its name, there is no farming activity that is truly 'green', however, there are some forms that may be more sustainable than others.