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A cruise in the air

aircruise-dirigible Seymourpowell , based in London, UK, promises to revolutionize the transport of the future with its Aircruise , a gigantic vertical airship cruiser powered by natural energy . Although at the moment it is just a project, its creators assure that it will be an ideal alternative to travel from one continent to another without stress.

Aircruise, in the shape of a kite, will move silently and without polluting thanks to its hydrogen fuel cells . In addition, this clean energy source is complemented by photovoltaic panels on the exterior surfaces that collect sunlight during the day.

The zeppelin will rise up to 3 and a half kilometers in altitude thanks to the 330,000 cubic meters of hydrogen it carries inside. On board this cruise, with capacity for 100 passengers, we can go from London to New York in 37 hours , or from Los Angeles to Shanghai in 90 hours. And inside, a pool with a transparent bottom will allow us to swim “above the clouds”, literally.

The Korean firm Samsung Construction & Trading , which has fallen in love with the project, assures that it could become a reality as of 2015 .

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