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A super-sandwich for soldiers that stays fresh for two years

bocadillo-soldado The United States military has developed a sandwich that fights bacteria and keeps “fresh” for up to two years . To achieve this, a team of researchers at the Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center has used a three-pronged strategy: lower the pH, bind the water to another element so that microbes cannot use it, and add water filings to the packaging. Iron that trap oxygen so it is not available for bacteria, yeast, and fungi to grow. In other words, the conditions are so harsh inside these sandwiches that no microorganisms can survive . “This way we prevent the bread, meat and any other filling of the sandwich from going stale,” explains Michelle Richardson, co-author of the original invention.

In statements to the BBC, the soldiers who have tried them assure that the taste of the sandwich is delicious.

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