EconomyA support network is key in any endeavor

A support network is key in any endeavor

(Expansion) – A concept that is frequently expressed in the social, health and business spheres is that of “support networks”, which identifies a group of people capable of providing real and lasting help, at least for some time, to an individual or company.

It is a social, emotional, service accompaniment and, sometimes, material or economic help. It implies having full identification with the person or persons to whom one turns if required to obtain their support in some way. But before resorting to them, it is important to be clear about why they are necessary in certain circumstances, that is, knowing how to recognize when help is needed or could be needed.

The world needs entrepreneurs, creative people who can offer solutions to the various needs of customers, companies and society in general. But no great entrepreneur has succeeded without feedback and without support. Those who have achieved entrepreneurial fame have done so by working with others and constantly opening themselves to new ideas; They have surrounded themselves with like-minded peers who challenge them, push them and give them ideas. They have capitalized on their support networks.

A support network is key in any endeavor, not only to find an experienced advisor, but also to connect with colleagues and future business partners.

A good and exhaustive orientation by an advisor, who has already gone through the first stages of a venture, is necessary to show what works and prevent what could hinder the process. Someone experienced can evaluate the business model, criticize and suggest some alternative options; can intervene and act as a guide to mature the project and strengthen support networks in an important way.

But before you go looking for someone to build a support network with, you need to determine where you are in the business process and recognize that in order to hone your skills and get to the next level, you must maintain a humble “student” mindset. ; Pride in the face of first achievements will only end up harming you in the long run.

Whether it is a new company or an already consolidated one, the important thing is to always be connected to discover the potential members of the support network. For example, having a Linkedin account is a gold mine, especially for new entrepreneurs, since it allows you to locate and relate to potential members of the network and even find potential customers. You can also consider establishing a presence on different forums to chat and connect with like-minded peers and business owners.

When it comes to a network of entrepreneurs, you have to think big and prioritize people who have more experience in the sector, but do not ignore people from other sectors, since they could share valuable perspectives and advice. In any case, you have to have a relationship with several to determine who are those with whom you feel most comfortable and understood. Over time, it will be necessary to reflect on how it is doing, what has been improved in the enterprise, and fine-tune priorities.

Last but not least, you should think about how to structure your life to feel more supported in all aspects. One of the great privileges of being an entrepreneur is that you can make key decisions about how and when to work, which may include choosing an office that reduces travel time, or determining schedules.

Having a support network implies being open to criticism and challenges; The important thing is that these criticisms and opinions are from honest people, since they will be sharing ideas that could attract the competition.

For this reason, it is good to take into consideration some characteristics of possible members of a business support network. In your early days as an entrepreneur, you’ll likely start with friends and family, but at the same time you should start networking with other business owners. Family or friends create a positive environment, but their opinions may lack objectivity and they may not have the slightest idea how to help the entrepreneur.

Given the foregoing, and in situations in which punctual and experienced advice is important, it is advisable to go to a tutor, that is, people who have gone through situations similar to those experienced by the entrepreneur or who are teachers or experts in the field. sector in which the enterprise is developed, including former bosses.

The important thing is that this support network includes people who have experienced the ups and downs in the sector corresponding to entrepreneurship, whether they have succeeded or have “failed”, since they will be the most objective when it comes to finding solutions to problems. they are facing by sharing their own experiences and will be keen for your advice and recommendations to have a positive effect.

Editor’s note: Pedro López Sela is Team Principal of ExO Builder, the most diverse global ecosystem of technological entrepreneurship in the world. He has co-founded 10+ companies and trained 5,000+ people in almost all sectors in Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. He is a globally recognized innovation, business, and entrepreneurship author. As an international speaker, he has shared stages with Peter Diamandis, Bob Dorf, Salim Ismail, Jeff Hoffman, to name a few. Follow him on and on . The opinions in this column belong exclusively to the author.

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