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Anne Will on ARD: "Scholz like a backbencher" – FDP scares journalists

Anne Will looks at the Corona situation together with her guests. Chancellor Olaf Scholz does not come off well.

Berlin – Impatience is growing. And that’s understandable given the situation. The third year of the Corona epidemic, and no end in sight. And politicians cover up their helplessness with ever new considerations and predictions. So Anne Will first read the riot act to those responsible at the beginning of her talk show on ARD: Confusion about the status of those who have recovered, whoever has only been vaccinated once with Johnson & Johnson is suddenly considered unvaccinated, PCR tests are no longer there for everyone, and with the vaccination requirement is not progressing either – and that with a seven-day incidence of more than 800.

“Omicron wave there, vaccination not mandatory – what plan is Germany going into the third year of Corona?” was the title of the program, and in the end you couldn’t really see a plan, at most plans. “We are entering a shaky phase,” stated Alena Buyx, chairwoman of the German Ethics Council. It would therefore be really unreasonable to relax the rules during the increase in the number of infected people.

Corona debate at Anne Will: Everyone wants to score with easing

Nevertheless, Anne Will is discussing this, especially since some politicians apparently cannot resist the temptation to make love with the electorate by relaxing. A politician like NRW Prime Minister Henrik Wüst (CDU) puts it this way: You have to be ready when the peak of the pandemic has passed to be able to implement such measures.

And the often straying FDP grande Wolfgang Kubicki has long been a nuisance when it comes to unity in fighting the pandemic. “How seriously does the FDP still take the pandemic?” Anne Will pointedly asked the new Justice Minister Marco Buschmann in the ARD talk. He formulated the liberals’ role as a brake with a sentence that made one think of “alternative facts”: “We are the advocates of proportionality.”

Anne Will’s guests on ARD

Surname position
Marco Buschmann Federal Minister of Justice
Hendrik Wust Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia
Alena Buyx Chair of the German Ethics Council
Uwe Janssens medic
Helen Bubrowski journalist

Anne Will on ARD: FDP politician causes a moment of shock for a journalist

No wonder that a journalist like Helene Bubrowski from the FAZ reacted with mild horror to Anne Will (ARD). Politicians made too many promises during the Corona crisis and showed a clumsy way of communicating, while the fourth wave “simply rushed through” and the children became infected. The FDP was a “challenge” for the traffic light, she found diplomatically. Otherwise, Olaf Scholz would have presented a government draft long ago, but he behaves like a backbencher by describing himself as a “simple member of parliament” when voting on compulsory vaccination.

So while the government is being slowed down by the FDP, the medical staff in clinics and practices is “very cold,” as emergency physician Uwe Janssens reported. But Anne Will wanted to know the point of compulsory vaccination at all. Henrik Wüst wanted to understand them in their ARD round as a sign for the vaccinated, who should be signaled in this way: You have done your part, now it’s the turn of the others, the unvaccinated.

Round at Anne Will (ARD) discusses compulsory corona vaccination

Alena Buyx shed more light on the problem: It’s about balancing the freedom of one and the other. Which may only be restricted if the obligation is defined as a “very high priority”. A number of accompanying measures are therefore necessary beforehand. But who does your compulsory vaccination reach, Bubrowski asked. The opponents (that is, the cross-scoundrels) would either falsify documents or pay fines (there was no talk of the would-be subversives who have been bothering us with “walks” for weeks).

Uwe Janssens asked the next unexplained question: “How do you want to check it?” But at least he had an answer. While Henrik Wüst wanted to make the municipalities responsible, the experienced doctor suggested that the health insurance companies be commissioned to do the job. After all, practically everyone has an insurance number.

Anne Will in the first

Anne Will, (ARD) – broadcast on Sunday, January 23, 9:45 p.m. Look it up in the ARD media library.

And because all that wasn’t enough of a problem, the question of the small number of tests also came up: while the neighbors in Austria manage 400 tests per 1000 inhabitants per week, Germany only manages 25. In words twenty-five .

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