EconomyBanCoppel Empresas grows exponentially

BanCoppel Empresas grows exponentially

Seven years after its opening, Bancoppel Empresas has managed to position itself as a relevant competitor in the financial segment by generating a placement of more than 20,000 million pesos of portfolio, with which it seeks to be a promoter of the economic development of small, medium and large Business.

It emerged in 2015 as an initiative of Grupo Coppel, which sought to deepen its alliances with suppliers by supporting them in their short-term financing needs. As this area was strengthened, they found that there was a rich market seam beyond, that is, offering financing to companies that did not have commercial ties with the Group.

Its growth has been sustained in recent years. In 2018, it installed offices in Monterrey and Guadalajara. Today it has a presence in CDMX, León and Culiacán. Information from this division of the Group indicates that, soon, it will open offices in Mérida, Querétaro and Tijuana, although with its current coverage it offers its services to the entire country.

Specialized services

As it has extended its products and services throughout the country, today BanCoppel Empresas serves various segments. Participates in syndicated loans, financial entities, corporations, small, medium and large companies (SMEs.

Its range of products covers the following menu:

  • Business Investment Account, with the best returns on the market in sight accounts, without forced terms.
  • Simple Credit, with fixed payments.
  • Bridge Credit: loan for real estate projects.
  • Financing of purchase orders for the operating cycle on confirmed orders.
  • Financial Leasing focused on fixed assets.
  • Current Account Credit, which is support for working capital needs.
  • Investment Projects: Long-term financing for projects.
  • Financial Factoring, to promote the growth of suppliers.
  • Asset monetization: liquidity on fixed assets.
  • SME credit.

This offer has driven the growth of Business Banking, with a compound annual rate of portfolio growth of 53% since 2016 and 95% in the last 12 months, with a lower risk compared to the rest of the market, with a large profitability, through a team of 100 collaborators.

A promising future

BanCoppel Empresas currently has a portfolio of 472 clients and, as part of its strategic growth plan, expects to reach 4% of the market over the next five years, as well as a gross loan placement of more than 70,000 million pesos a year. through an integrated value proposition that stands out for its innovation, efficiency and simplicity.

To ensure its growth, today it is going through a robust development of digital banking, which consists of offering credits in a 100% digital way, as well as products and services complementary to credit.

BanCoppel Empresas is part of the great BanCoppel family, an institution with more than 35 million clients and which is the second largest debit card issuer in Mexico and the third largest credit card issuer. Likewise, it is part of the efforts that Grupo Coppel has built for more than 80 years in which it has been part of the history of Mexican families.

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