Economy#Between the lines | The reinvention is already here

#Between the lines | The reinvention is already here

(Expansion) – We’re in a mess. The World Economic Forum has said that globalization 4.0 has only just begun, but the world is very unprepared for it. Also, he called for a “great reset” in all spheres of society. Many are willing to break with a past that no longer works, but others are not. After all, the goal is to live well in a world worth living in.

The COVID-19 pandemic can still bring bad news. The emergence of a new variant that mocks the efficacy of vaccines and “herd immunity” is latent. Simultaneously, the war in Ukraine, problems in global supply chains, high interest rates, hellish inflation, among other ingredients, keep (and will keep) the world’s economies with low growth rates.

Faced with this, several paths can be taken, but for the purposes of this story, two are visible: paralysis to preserve what one has or reinvention.

Expansión, this September 12, calls for a reinvention not to get out of trouble, but to open the way that allows us to improve the state of our own circumstances. The VIII Edition of , in which I have served as Editorial Coordinator, brings together more than 100 leaders from Mexico with the aim of analyzing the next steps to be taken in more than 30 sectors to create and distribute prosperity in a country that both needs to.

The planet, however it may be, is our learning environment, allowing us to see the problems we have caused and our virtues. The crises, the environmental calamities, the pandemic, are events that force us to evolve to break with the deep uncertainty and confusion.

The conditions are given to rethink our interactions and schemes:

– Today, around the world we use 2 billion personal computers (PCs), 14 billion cell phones and laptops, 2 billion televisions. Information flows through 30 million Internet servers and 3,500 space satellites.

– Artificial Intelligence should automate 30% of routine tasks by 2025. Intelligent robots have invaded factories and are now infiltrating homes and offices. Collectively, there are now millions of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), which is expected to control our homes, cars, offices, factories, and every other device.

– The skilling revolution is here. The World Economic Forum predicts that, by 2030, half of current jobs will have disappeared because they will be automated and 65% of children in primary school will work in jobs that have not yet been invented.

– In a world of 7.7 billion people, of which 3.3 billion are currently employed, improving your skills is the beginning of a long journey that will last a lifetime.

– Today, there is a serious talent shortage problem that affects numerous industries. In 2020, Korn Ferry claimed that the global talent shortage amounted to 40 million workers. By 2030 there is projected to be a talent shortage of more than 85 million people.

Thus, the 2022 edition of Expansión Summit will address in its three days of work (September 12, 13 and 14) the realities, solution mechanisms, expectations around energy, sustainability, entrepreneurship, technology; while emphasizing Mexico’s degree of competitiveness, the long road to comply with the UN SDGs, economic inequality, the risks that the T-MEC already faces…

It is not too late or too early to start making profound changes. But you have to have the will to do it. The ravages of climate change have already begun to show their impacts, pandemics will continue, inequality has intensified and there is a growing feeling of returning to the world that was doing its thing before COVID-19.

In the midst of this fray, there are those who are fighting for a change in attitudes around the world. The task is to place people, and their conscience, at the center of everything in order to provoke deep transformations. The concept of the future moves the world and, for that, we need to reinvent ourselves. The big question is whether we have the ability to understand the acceleration of change. We are prepared?

There are those who say that the future is already here and all we have to do is simply distribute it better.


Business and political leaders will be part of the VIII Edition of Expansión Summit. To whet your appetite, there are three reflections of three characters that will be part:

“The power of global consciousness provides the key to solving today’s multiple crises. Every stage of social evolution has been driven by revolutions: the agrarian revolution, the industrial revolution, the post-industrial revolution, and more recently, the information revolution. We are now at the beginning of a ‘Mental – Spiritual Revolution’ to launch the ‘Age of Consciousness’. In short, it seems that the world is heading towards some kind of historic shift in consciousness, a collective epiphany.” William E. Halal, author of “Beyond knowledge”

“There are no Nobel Prizes for parents or for education, but there should be. They are the two most important things we do in our society. How we raise and educate our children determines not only the people they become, but the society we create.” Esther Wojcicki, author of “How to Raise Successful People”

“A serious financial crisis is coming. The idea that this is going to be short and perfunctory is totally delusional. I’m sorry I don’t agree. There are many reasons why we are going to have a serious recession and a serious financial and debt crisis.” Nouriel Roubini, President of Roubini Macro Associates LLC.


Editor’s note: Jonathán Torres is managing partner of BeGood, Atelier de Reputación and Storydoing; business journalist, media consultant, former editorial director of Forbes Media Latam. Follow him on and on Twitter as . The opinions published in this column belong exclusively to the author.

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