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China claims to have created an AI that can read minds


As The Times of London reports, China’s Hefei National Comprehensive Science Center has announced the development of a program featuring “artificial intelligence that powers party building.” This AI can assess the loyalty of members of the Communist Party. The study was removed from the website where it was published, just as a few days ago it was reported that Chinese scientists had detected a signal of extraterrestrial origin.

Again, we feel that we are immersed in a chapter of the dystopian series Black Mirror, when we talk about technology and the Asian country. This time, the system has been developed by researchers at the Hefei National Comprehensive Science Center and could analyze the facial expressions and brain waves of Communist Party members to determine how receptive they are to ‘thought education’.

AI technology will solidify the ‘confidence and determination’ of Communist Party members to ‘thank the party, listen to the party and follow the party,’ the article says.

Although the details about this AI are quite hazy, it can supposedly determine the loyalty of party members.


Are you loyal?

China is known for its strict surveillance programs , but the rapid removal of the latest research raises suspicions that it could be a scare tactic. The program would return a score based on metrics such as “emotional identification” and “learning attention” that would dictate whether the subject needs a better education or exceeds the loyalty threshold. This is the latest in a series of controversial technologies implemented in China, including its so-called social credit system.

Last year, it was revealed that China has also developed an artificial intelligence prosecutor that can charge people with crimes with more than 97 percent accuracy or efficiency. This system, which was “trained” using 17,000 real-life cases between 2015 and 2020, can identify and charge the eight most common crimes in Shanghai (credit card fraud , gambling crimes, dangerous driving, theft, fraud, intentional injury and obstruction of official duties).

The ruling Communist Party of China, led by President Xi Jinping, reportedly believes that “political thinking and education” are essential for party loyalty. The party already has an ‘indoctrination app’ for its members called ‘Xuexi Qiangguo’ or ‘Study to Strengthen China’. The app forces its 96.77 million members to earn points by reading articles, watching videos and answering quizzes about communist heroes.

Additionally, the amount of time users spend searching for inspirational quotes from President Jinping and watching short videos of his speeches and travels is tracked. Then, any member can redeem their points for gifts such as candy.

As we can see, the concept of a political artificial intelligence device that reads minds and tests one’s loyalty to party and country sounds more like something out of “1984” by writer George Orwell or the aforementioned possible episode of the TV series. Black Mirror television (Netflix) than something real.

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