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Cleaning robot war


Several robot manufacturers are already racing to create the bestdomestic automat dedicated to cleaning floors.

The sales record is currently held by the companyiRobot, who launched his robotRoombain 2002 and since then it has sold more than 5 million domestic robots, a record in the sector. With the push of a button, the Roomba robot is able to navigate our house, calculate the available space and clean avoiding obstacles and unevenness. Among other benefits, this circular shaped automat cleans under furniture, in corners and along walls, and adjusts the head to the type of floor and carpets.

However, his leadership could now be threatened by the arrival ofMint Cleaner, the new robot ofEvolution Robotics, officially presented last week at CES 2010. With it, cleaning all nooks and corners is ensured because, unlike the partially efficient algorithm that Roomba uses to calculate how to clean an area, Mint uses apioneering navigation technology, similar to a small GPS, which prevents you from going through the same place twice or skipping a strip. In addition, its manufacturers highlight another great advantage: it uses the same cleaning refills as a classic mop, which can be used wet or dry according to the needs of each floor.

And the offer does not end here. Neato robotics, a Silicon Valley-based company, will go on sale in FebruaryNeato XV-11($ 450), a D-shaped robot that uses a “Room Positioning System” (RPS) to map each room before cleaning. For its part, Asus robotics has createdECleaner, a domestic robot with a remote control that incorporates ultraviolet light to disinfect the floor and also perfumes the house while cleaning it emitting a pleasant fragrance. It is already on sale in China and Taiwan for just $ 150.

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