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Coronavirus: Airbnb already returns money anywhere

The tourism sector is being one of the most affected by the coronavirus crisis and the quarantines imposed on the entire planet. And Airbnb would also have been hit by this whole situation.

The spread of COVID-19 by hundreds of countries and the quarantine measures taken by many governments is causing millions of reserves to be canceled . According to a service that allows managing tourist accommodation, in Spain these would have fallen by 40%.

The American company would have lost tens of millions of dollars due to the cancellation of reservations in the main territories in which measures have been imposed to fight against COVID-19. But the worst is yet to come for the company, with more and more countries confining their citizens.

To address the problem, Airbnb initially launched a special section within its Force Majeure Policy. The company undertook to make a refund free of charge for guests who were going to travel to or from seriously affected areas, hosts who are going to receive guests from seriously affected areas or who offer accommodation in those places and all those people who could not make a travel due to official restrictions, medical work or the cancellation of transportation.

In all these cases, the refund would be in full, including the house’s own rate. However, the initial measurements had a small print. These conditions only applied to countries considered “severely affected areas” . Airbnb only considered mainland China, Italy and South Korea as such. Later it also included the US, although not Spain, despite the fact that the state of alarm had already been declared here.

Money back for everyone

One day after Spain entered a state of alarm, Airbnb backed off and decided that in the face of the general crisis, its exceptional measures were applied to all countries.

“Airbnb accommodation and experience reservations made until March 14, 2020, arriving between that date and April 14, 2020 , may be canceled prior to arrival. This means that travelers who cancel will receive a full refund and hosts will not have to pay any cancellation penalties or suffer any repercussions on their Superhost status. In addition, Airbnb will refund all service fees, ”the company says.

However, Airbnb’s Force Majeure Policy will not cover accommodation and experience bookings “made until March 14, 2020 with an arrival date after April 14, 2020 , except in the event that the traveler or the host has contracted COVID-19. The host’s cancellation policy will apply as usual ”, they continue. In the event that a reservation has already started (that is, the arrival date has passed), this Force Majeure Policy will not apply.

All guests and hosts who have been affected by quarantines in their reservations can access the special section for COVID-19 enabled by the platform here.

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