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Curiosities about kisses

Did you know that in an intense kiss we exchange about 80 million bacteria with our partner? And not only that: according to a study, the chemicals in saliva help us evaluate a possible partner to decide if they are the most suitable.

In addition, kissing has many benefits:

– A kiss can burn you 15 calories in a few minutes.

– During the kiss hormones such as dopamine, adrenaline and oxytocin are released, which cause us feelings of happiness, pleasure and attachment.

– Kissing reduces the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, and makes us feel more relaxed.

– Kisses favor the dilation of blood vessels, thus helping to lower blood pressure .

– In addition, giving and receiving kisses improves our self-esteem .

Scientists also fall in love

Scientists also have their love stories: some romantic, others tragic, others even comical, but all very human. Here are some of them.

Is romantic love nonsense?

The myth of romantic love is to believe in topics such as the existence of the other half, that love can conquer everything or that true love passion lasts a lifetime.

Is marrying for love silly?

As revealed by all the surveys, the reason why Spaniards - like the rest of the Western world - get married is because we love the person with whom we marry. But is that a good reason to do it?

Tell me how you smell and I'll tell you what partner you're looking for

We all have an odor footprint. Newborns identify their mother by him. To what extent does it influence the choice of partner? Does it really influence us in love?

Is there love at first sight?

Valentine's Day is the day of the year of exaltation of love, the day on which we believe all the myths that literature has been building over the centuries: true love, the better half, love for life... .and love at first sight.