EconomyE-commerce goes beyond just having an online store

E-commerce goes beyond just having an online store

(Expansion) – Despite the impact we have seen on the global economy, the need to get the digital transformation right has never been more important. Today, anyone looking to sell a product or service has to face the reality of record inflation.

The world, still reeling from the pandemic, is grappling with supply chain problems and financial market turmoil, much of it a result of the war in Ukraine.

However, we are witnessing impressive growth in the e-commerce sector well into 2022, with consumers increasingly buying more products online, ordering more home deliveries, and working from the comfort of their home.

This increased demand for services related to digital commerce has accelerated established trends, increased competition and promoted the consolidation of online commerce. Against this backdrop, further investment and innovation will create exciting opportunities for both incumbent and new operators.

With changes in shopper habits accelerated by context, retailers must find the best way to meet their needs and make online operations more flexible and able to adapt quickly. Omnichannel solutions, for example, remain important for marketers trying to reach more consumers.

There are other trends that we will most likely continue to see in e-commerce. Today, Progressive Web Applications (PWAs), for example, have been put back on the agenda. While native mobile apps have offered a rich user experience, not everyone has 5G or a high-end smartphone; plus, shoppers who use multiple devices and platforms need more consistency. This is where PWAs come into play.

PWAs are designed to combine the best of apps and web pages. Put another way, it’s a way to bring the richness of the app’s design and functionality to the web.

As the pandemic has shown us, businesses must remain flexible. And despite the reopening of brick-and-mortar stores, there hasn’t been a noticeable reduction in online shopping, but instead this may increase even more as companies better execute their digital strategies and consumers take ownership. of this trend that will last as long as people enjoy the convenience of online shopping.

Regardless of the trend, it is a fact that increased investment in technology and solutions is also important to help companies drive growth. Companies should and will increase their investments in technology, this will help them offer more security to users and themselves, as well as to see more innovative solutions that are responding to the needs of this constantly changing environment, such as PWAs.

The acceleration of digital trade across industries reached new highs last year and this trend will continue, although in the short term, it is true that we expect to see market adjustments according to the context. But if we look at it in the long term, the growth of e-commerce will inevitably continue.

Editor’s note: Mario Juárez has a degree in Communication Sciences from the Universidad del Valle de México, has a master’s degree in Communication, Advertising and Online Marketing from the Institute of Design in Madrid and was also certified by the University of California in Business Administration. His experience is more than 10 years in the field of new data analysis and marketing technology. Follow him on . The opinions published in this column belong exclusively to the author.

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