EconomyEnergy supply is vital to attract investment, says Imco

Energy supply is vital to attract investment, says Imco

Any city that wants to position itself in the world of investment as a leader in innovation and technology will face challenges such as providing energy to the sector for its development.

“Innovating has energy costs and that is a challenge for Mexico City, in itself for any city that wants to position itself as a leader in innovation, innovation processes are normally linked to more sophisticated technological processes, technology is associated with greater energy consumption”, explained this Thursday Valeria Moy, director of the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (Imco).

The specialist pointed out that the greater energy consumption demands the search for fossil and non-fossil fuels, for which the conditions of the country and of Mexico City must converge to offer energy generation as an attraction for investment.

“What is important is to understand that if we want to be an attractive city for investment, especially in investment that becomes remuneration, the most sophisticated investment, the one that changes technological factors, needs energy, and right now the CDMX needs to stay at the forefront of infrastructure all the time and that is very expensive and very inconvenient, a complicated issue, from the public administration, “said Moy when participating in the Mexico City Investment Fair.

Luis Godoy, a member of the Global Economic Intelligence Unit of the Ministry of Economy, stressed that the issue of trademark and patent registrations also plays into the offer for investments, but in Mexico little is addressed, despite the fact that it is vital for digitization issues.

He explained that the Ministry of Economy is working so that dual training programs are found, and there is a greater link between companies and educational institutions.

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