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Hard but fair (ARD) – Frank Plasberg calls Lauterbach the "fear opponent" of the coronavirus'

Corona and no end – Frank Plasberg and his guests at Hart aber fair (ARD) discuss the consequences of the crisis and the hope for the new government.

Cologne – On the day when Germany’s favorite talk show guest switched from the nation’s TV studios to the Ministry of Health, Frank Plasberg tried his hand at a preliminary interim result of the pandemic in his ARD program Hart but fair: “Corona and no end: How big is all the damage? “

13% of patients with a mild course of Covid later develop Long Covid, which is a good 800,000 people extrapolated to the total population. An enormous number that will burden the German health system for a long time to come. How long the condition lasts, Frank Plasberg asked the doctor and author Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen. He said “Symptoms are, for example, post-viral exhaustion that can also affect young people”. At least as important as Long-Covid, however, are the lack of nursing staff, a problem that the new Health Minister Karl Lauterbach will also address.

Hard but fair (ARD) – Frank Plasberg has doctors and star chefs as guests

Are the patients with long-term effects of Covid forgetting anything at the moment ?, asked Frank Plasberg in his ARD program Prof. Dr. Uwe Janssens, intensive care physician and former President of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine. In fact, the focus is currently heavily on the full intensive care units, but doctors in particular do not forget how important it is not to let people come to an intensive care unit in the first place, because especially the patients who end up there threaten later Long-Covid to get sick. What helps against it: vaccinate!

Nelson Müller is a star chef and restaurant owner who himself suffered from Covid and even suffered from loss of taste buds for a short time, which is of course catastrophic for a chef. Müller still feels tiredness as a result of the illness, but also tiredness that the pandemic is still so strongly influencing life, also the increasing distrust in the decisions of politics. He employs 30 people, but bookings are already on the decline: “The Christmas business is practically broken,” he emphasized in Frank Plasberg’s “Hart aber fair” (ARD), planning for 2022 is practically impossible.

Hard but fair (ARD): In the Corona crisis, politicians have to pull together

A magic lies over a new government, Plasberg tried a little hope in his ARD program, which Katharina Hamberger, correspondent in the capital’s studio of Deutschlandradio, only elicited a smile. The traffic lights are facing huge tasks, forward-looking policy must be pursued, no longer just react, but finally act, even if truths have to be spoken that hurt. Politicians must pull together more, which is particularly true of the lack of cooperation between the federal and state governments.

name of the guest function
Andreas Bovenschulte (SPD) Mayor of the City of Bremen
Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen Medic, author and moderator
Nelson Mueller Star chef and restaurant owner
Katharina Hamberger Correspondent in the capital city studio of Deutschlandradio
Prof. Dr. Uwe Janssens Intensive care physician, chief physician for intensive care medicine at the St. Antonius Hospital Eschweiler

Even if Karl Lauterbach (SPD) was not a guest at Plasberg on ARD, the host could not avoid speaking to the future Minister of Health, who said last year that the pandemic would last well after 2022, which was then caused a shake of the head. “The corona virus got its feared opponent today … Karl Lauterbach,” joked Plasberg and Lauterbach’s SPD comrade Andreas Bovenschulte, Mayor of Bremen, was happy about the decision, even though he knows the task will be difficult.

Gloomy mood at Hart but fair with Frank Plasberg on ARD

Hamberger was a bit more skeptical and asked himself whether Lauterbach can meet the great expectations that many have placed of him, because “as a minister he is no longer as free as as a member of parliament, a chancellor with policy authority stands before him, therefore:” Mal look.”

Hard but fair in the media library

Did you miss the show? No problem, in the ARD media library you can check out the talk show Hart but fair with Frank Plasberg.

Frank Plasberg’s mood on ARD was gloomy, presumably in line with the mood of many Germans who have long since stopped feeling like a pandemic. Should it have happened that way? Couldn’t one have known better, should one have known? Uwe Janssens spoke of the difficulty of medicine in speaking with one voice, which is above all a problem for politics, as Bovenschulte also admitted. Even before the Covid pandemic, trust in institutions was in a creeping process of erosion; mistakes in politics and unsuccessful communication have now led to a level of mistrust that has not been known for a long time. Maybe this is the really dangerous long covid. (Michael Meyns)

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